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I’ve had some great experiences in my time studying the Word at New Tribes Bible Institute. I wanted to highlight some key reasons why I have really enjoyed studying here, with the best reason being last.

  1. Low cost. OK, I admit it, this is one of the best reasons to study at NTBI. But don’t just compare the cost of other Bible schools – consider the low cost in light of all the other reasons.
  2. Good course load. Because of the variety of students that students that come through NTBI, the teachers face the unique challenge of balancing their teaching material between those who have almost no background in studying the Bible to those who have been walking with the Lord for a while and are ready for some deeper teaching. They do a very good job at it. Also, the amount of coursework is just enough- it keeps me busy but not overwhelmed.
  3. Bible-centered study. This should be obvious, considering NTBI is a Bible school, but what I mean is that the mission of the school is help you study the Bible on your own, and allow it to teach and encourage you. For the most part, the goal of NTBI is not to convince you of a particular brand of theology (although they do have their beliefs and teach what they believe to be correct), but to help you see clearly what the Bible says about various issues. There have been issues that I have agreed with the school, those that I have disagreed with the school, but in each case I have been given the space to wrestle with Bible on my own. The teachers are more than gracious in this regard, without sacrificing what they see as sound doctrine.
  4. Committed teachers. I can’t stress enough how much the staff at NTBI is here to minister to students as a priority, not to dish out knowledge but to see genuine spiritual growth in the lives of the students. Each teacher is willing to do for you whatever you need, concerning your school and personal lives. They really are intentional about making a personal investment in the lives of students. This is, hands-down, the school’s strongest asset and cannot be overstated.

I’m so glad God brought us here, and I’m really thankful for the experience thus far. I can’t wait to finish out the next year and see what lies ahead in my study of the Word.