Married Students

A Thriving Community for Married Students

About 1/5 of our students are married -that’s three times the number you’ll find on the average college campus.

Experience Close Community

Engage in a community of married students focused around the same things – missions and ministry. You will live in apartments on the same campus, and often times in the same building as other married students. With plenty of campus events, you will be able to build deep friendships with the couples around you and experience a community that is all about knowing Jesus and making Him know.

Grow Together As a Couple

We want you to grow in your own walk with God and in your marriage as you engage in classes. Our experienced Student Life team is here to get to know you and walk along side you as you seek the Lord. You will have your own split chapel hour each week where all the married couples meet together, and another hour each week where married men and married women meet separately to talk about life, classes and marriage.

An Environment for Families

Many of our married students have children, so we have on-campus childcare. This allows both spouses to participate in class and grow together. The childcare facility and nursery are in the main building, and just outside is an enclosed playground area.

Free and Professional On-Campus Childcare

Childcare is free for our married students and available for three hours each morning. Our childcare program currently works with newborns up to the age of 3 and helps enable both spouses to be engaged in classes. If you are curious about schooling options for older children – or for more information on the academic requirements for Married Ladies with children – please contact the admissions office.

On-Campus Housing

Married students live in apartments in the main building or in homes or apartments in the nearby community. Housing for our married students can vary depending on the number of children and overall availability. For questions about housing, please contact the admissions office.

Meet Our Married Students – Tim and Ji