Our Program

The Bible is Your Primary Textbook

You will learn, think through and apply the truth of God’s Word.

A Chronological Approach

No one reads a story by starting in the middle. You start on the first page and go from there. That’s the way we study the Bible at Ethnos360 Bible Institute. Study the whole Bible chronologically, starting with Genesis and continuing through to Revelation.

Block Scheduling and Course Sequencing

Block scheduling helps us facilitate our chronological approach. Instead of a course running one or two days a week for an entire semester, a course runs every day until completed. In other words, you will finish Genesis before you move on to Exodus.

Course Overview

Missions and Ministry

Ministry courses provide students with the skills necessary for ministry including evangelism, discipleship, public speaking, partnership development, and exposure to cross-cultural ministry principles.

Biblical Studies

Make your way through the whole Bible chronologically. Learn how to interpret and apply what you are studying.  We believe understanding God’s Word is essential in becoming an effective servant of Christ.

Systematic Theology

Our theology courses are designed to supplement and enhance your understanding of Scripture as you study through each book. Theology courses provide a topical treatment of the major doctrines of the Bible.

For a complete schedule along with all class descriptions then visit our Course Schedule page or download the Ethnos360 Bible Institute Catalog.

Philosophy of Ministry

So, what makes our program unique exactly? Listen to Scot Keen, one of our Academic Deans, discuss the distinctives of Ethnos360 Bible Institute.

Take a Class Online!

We are excited to be offering online classes. These are full college level courses with Ethnos360 Bible Institute. You will have homework and then receive credit upon completion. We hope you will join us!

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