Missionary Training

The Bible is a core aspect of your missionary training.

Missions is at the core of who we are.
Attend, and hear about God’s heart for the world.

Missionary Training with Ethnos360

Ethnos360 Bible Institute is an integral part of missionary training with Ethnos360.

Our school, as well as Ethnos360 Training, aid the local church in preparing believers for cross-cultural evangelism, church planting, and Bible translation.

A Missionary Staff

All of our staff at Ethnos360 Bible Institute are missionaries with Ethnos360 and believe in the importance of missionary training. Many have cross-cultural experience, ranging from support work in Africa to church planting in South America.
Their ministry experience and heart for the unreached carries over into the classroom and into day-to-day life.


Practice what you’ve been taught. In the States, or in the jungle overseas.