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Accreditation & Academic Policies

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Accreditation In Process

Ethnos360 Bible Institute is currently working through the process of accreditation. This will not change the program Ethnos360 Bible Institute offers.

Credit Transfer

Ethnos360 Bible Institute is still the right start if you want to get other training before serving God as a missionary, or intend to serve Him in other ways. Although Ethnos360 Bible Institute is not yet accredited, a number of Christian colleges and universities accept our credits.

The following schools have agreed to accept Ethnos360 Bible Institute’s credits through an Articulation/Credit Transfer Agreement:

  • Crossroads Bible College: Indianapolis, IN – 317-789-8255
  • Emmaus Bible College: Dubuque, IA – 563-588-8000
  • Grace Christian University: Grand Rapids, MI – 616-538-2330
  • Calvary University: Kansas City, MO – 800-326-3960
  • Grace College: Winona Lake, IN – 800-544-7223
  • Heritage College and Seminary: Cambridge, ON – 800-465-1961
  • The Master’s College: Santa Clarita, CA – 800-568-6248
  • Montana Bible College: Bozeman, MT – 406-586-3585
  • Oak Hills Christian College: Bemidji, MN – 888-751-8670
  • Pensacola Christian College: Pensacola, FL – 800-722-4636
  • San Diego Christian College: El Cajon, CA – 800-676-2242
  • Shasta Bible College: Redding, CA – 800-800-4722
  • University of Northwestern: St. Paul, MN – 800-692-4020

The following schools have accepted some Ethnos360 Bible Institute credits in the past, though Ethnos360 Bible Institute has no formal agreement with them. It would be best to contact them regarding your individual situation:

  • Appalachian Bible College: Bradley, WV – 800-678-9222
  • Columbia International University: Columbia, SC – 800-777-2227
  • Grace School of Theology: The Woodlands, TX – 877-476-8674
  • Lancaster Bible College: Lancaster, PA; Washington DC – 866-LBC4YOU
  • Liberty University: Lynchburg, VA – 434-582-2000
  • Moody Bible Institute: Chicago, IL – 800-356-6639
  • Southern California Seminary: El Cajon, CA – 888-389-7244

The following seminaries have recognized Ethnos360’s Bachelor degree, accepting into their program Ethnos360 Bible Institute graduates who have also completed Ethnos360 Training (formerly the Missionary Training Center):

  • Calvary University: Kansas City, MO – 800-326-3960
  • Grace School of Theology: The Woodlands, TX – 877-476-8674
  • Grace Theological Seminary: Winona Lake, IN – 800-544-7223
  • Southern California Seminary: El Cajon, CA – 888-389-7244

Educational Goals

The purpose of Ethnos360 Bible Institute is to establish believers in the foundational truths of the Bible with an emphasis on church planting among people groups without the Gospel. The following Institutional Objectives are used to measure our effectiveness towards this overarching goal.


Christians who…

  • Evidence a value of God’s word as the final authority
  • Evidence a value for consistent fellowship with God
  • Demonstrate an appreciation for the church
  • Demonstrate a teachable attitude
  • Are motivated to participate in the Great Commission


Committed learners who…

  • Take personal responsibility for growth in biblical knowledge
  • Explain the relevance of identification truths to the Christian Life
  • Articulate foundational Biblical Truths and Concepts


Mature disciples of Jesus who…

  • Pursue a personal relationship with God.
  • Demonstrate the skills needed to interpret and apply Scripture to real life situations
  • Evaluate issues and worldviews by means of biblical truth
  • Communicate with wisdom and effectiveness through a variety of forms
  • Exhibit personal discipline in all areas of life
  • Work effectively with others


Christians who are self-starters in the areas of…

  • Active service and participation in community
  • Identifying and responding compassionately to the needs around them
  • Evangelism and Discipleship.

Academic Policies

Graduation Requirements

Your graduation requirements for Ethnos360 Bible Institute are the successful completion of the 60 core class credits plus 4 elective credits, and a minimum GPA of 2.0. The average number of credits needed each semester is 16. Fifteen of those 16 are core curriculum. You may choose the other credits from a list of elective courses. Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive an Associate Degree in Biblical Studies.


You are expected to attend all classes in which you are enrolled. Because unforeseen circumstances do arise and illness would prevent class attendance, the policy allows for up to two absences per credit hour in any course. Credit for the course may be lost due to excessive absences. The Academic Dean will make a determination on a case-by-case basis.

Academic Review

Each student’s academic progress is reviewed periodically. If your GPA drops lower than 2.00, you may be placed on academic probation. If sufficient improvement is not seen during the following semester, you may be asked to take a leave of absence. You may reapply in one year.

Academic Records

You may inquire at any time about your academic progress in a course. Grades are posted in Populi once a course has been finalized. Copies of all academic records are kept on file. A student transcript will be sent upon request at the cost of $10 per transcript.

Transfer Credits

You may receive transfer credits for courses taken at other schools if the course content is equal to what is offered at Ethnos360 Bible Institute. All Bible and missions courses will be considered for transfer.

Grading System

Letter Grade Number Range GPA Description
A 94-100 4 Superior
A- 90-93 3.7 Excellent
B+  87-89 3.3 Good
B 84-86 3.0 Good
B- 80-83 2.7 Good
C+  77-79 2.3 Average
C  74-76 2.0 Average
C-  70-73 1.7 Below Average
D+  67-69 1.3 Below Average
D  64-66 1.0 Below Average
D-  60-63 .7 Below Average
F  0-59 0 Failing

Academic Honors

To be placed on the Dean’s List at graduation, you must have completed a minimum of 64 credits with a minimum GPA of 3.60.

Student Conduct

Ethnos360 Bible Institute’s governing board reserves the right to ask any student to leave the school who disqualifies himself or herself through conduct that is not in keeping with Christ-like character. Some examples are:

  • any form of sexual immorality
  • the possession and/or use or sale of illegal drugs
  • a lack of discipline in academic or personal life

After a determined length of absence following dismissal, a student will be allowed to reapply to Ethnos360 Bible Institute. A positive pastoral recommendation and Ethnos360 Bible Institute’s governing board approval are needed in order for a student to re-enroll.

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