International Students

Important considerations before you apply to attend Ethnos360 Bible Institute

English proficiency:

All of our instruction is in English. If English is not your first language, you will need to take an English Oral Proficiency Exam, and we will need the scores.


The estimated cost (in U.S. funds) for your school fees for the period of two years is $18,000 (singles) and $26,000 (married), not including travel.

Traveler’s Medical Insurance:

International students (non-US residents) enrolled at Ethnos360 Bible Institute are required to purchase and maintain Traveler’s Medical Insurance for themselves, and their family if married, to cover any medical expenses they incur while in the United States.  Canadian students with dual citizenship will also be required to purchase Traveler’s Medical Insurance if their only source for medical coverage is the Canadian health care system.

Traveler’s Medical Insurance should be purchased and documentation provided to the school before arrival at Ethnos360 Bible Institute.  In light of this requirement, international students will not be enrolled in or charged for Student Accident Insurance (SAI).

A Suggested Carrier for Travel Medical Insurance:  Patriot Travel Medical Insurance


Ethnos360 Bible Institute has no scholarships available for incoming freshmen.


International students normally do not work on-campus or off-campus.

Married students:

Due to the nature of our training program, we do not allow one spouse to attend while the other remains in their country of origin. We require that parents of minors do not leave their children in the country of origin, but attend as a family.

During the application process

Proof of English proficiency:

Please contact the admissions office for detailed requirements

Proof of funds:

This can be a financial statement bearing your name or in the form of a letter written on letterhead by your financial institution documenting that the funds are available in your account. If a portion of your funds will come from supporting friends or churches, we will need financial documentation from those individuals.

Once you are accepted for enrollment

I-20 Immigration form:

We will send this form to you only after the entire application has been completed and proof of funds has been received.

I-901 SEVIS fee:

(Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) For more information, regarding this $200.00 fee, please visit U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

F-1 student visa:

Canadians can obtain their student visa as they enter the United States. All other international students must make an appointment at their U.S. Embassy for a student visa interview. You will be required to have your I-20, I-901 payment receipt, valid passport, financial documentation, evidence of ties to your home country and a plan to return there when studies are completed.