Our Community

Build Friendships that Will Last a Lifetime

Experience a close, tight-knit Christian community.


A Cross-Cultural Community
Roughly 1/3 of our students grew up outside of the USA. Missionary kids and international students bring a fresh perspective to student life.


An Environment for Discipleship
A 3:1 student to staff ratio allows personal discipleship to take place. We want students apply what they learn to their personal life.



A Thriving Married Community
More than 1/5 of our students are married and many of them have kids as well. Meet and fellowship with couples in a similar stage of life.



Two Campuses, One Education

Our Michigan campus and our Wisconsin campus are just a few hours apart, so you are part of one Ethnos360 Bible Institute community. You will get together with students from both campuses throughout the year at various events.

Michigan Campus Wisconsin Campus

A Vibrant Spiritual Life

Your personal spiritual development is our purpose, beyond the knowledge you gain from a Bible education. We want to provide a safe atmosphere of grace and respect, where the Holy Spirit works in your life. We will encourage you to develop mentoring relationships that will help you take what you learn in the classroom and apply it to your daily life.

A Semester From A Student's Perspective

One of our students, Taylor, made her own video detailing her first semester. See her perspective on everything from dorm life to classes at Ethnos360. Prepare for a significant amount of bad dancing.


Here at our Michigan campus we are trying a new type of chapel, every Monday students will be meeting in small groups at staff homes! Today students have written down topics they would like to discuss together throughout the semester.
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Students had a safety management chapel to start off the new semester! Rex Gutwein informed students on the importance of keeping our school safe, and all the upgraded features around the building! Thanks for sharing Rex!⠀
#safetyfirst #springsemester #weloveourstaff #firstdayofclasses #firstchapel #biblecollege #smallcampusperks #jackson
Throwback Thursday!
This Thursday we have a picture of some former students from Ethnos360 Bible Institute. Today they are representatives of Ethnos360. You may have seen him around churches, colleges, or mission conferences. Can you guess who they are and what year this is from?
#throwbackthursday #Waukesha #ethnos360bibleinstitute
Psalm 29: 1-2⠀
"Ascribe to the Lord, O sons of the mighty,⠀
Ascribe to the Lord glory and strength.⠀
Ascribe to the Lord the glory due to His name;⠀
Worship the Lord in holy array."
Registration is a few days away, orientation is on the horizon and school will be back in session soon! Are you ready? We can't wait to see everyone back here! If you have any questions about dates for the semester check out our website (link in bio), under academics click on the "academic calendar" tab. ⠀
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Have you been interested in attending Ethnos360 Bible Institute? If you are and would like to know more about the school just head to our website. the link is in our bio and under the "contact" tab is a "request information" tab, just fill the small form out and we would love to answer questions for you and help in anyway we can!⠀

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Our students come from different countries, cultures and languages! In just this picture we have students from Indonesia, Canada, and Pennsylvania! ⠀
We love the variety of culture and being able to learn from each other. What's something you've learned recently about another culture? ⠀
#meltingpot #onegoal #multicultural #jackson #ethnos360bibleinstitute
9 days until registration and we cannot wait for students to fill the halls again! We hope everyone is enjoying their winter break! What are you looking forward to as school starts back up again? ⠀
#winterbreak #breakblues #springsemester #ethnos360bibleinstitute
Throwback Thursday! This Thursday we have a picture of our Waukesha staff, can you guess what year this was taken?⠀
#staffofethnos360bibleinstitute #waukesha #throwbackthursday
Happy New Years! ⠀

#newyearsday #bornagain #inchrist

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