Our Community

Build Friendships that Will Last a Lifetime

Experience a close, tight-knit Christian community.


A Cross-Cultural Community
Roughly 1/3 of our students grew up outside of the USA. Missionary kids and international students bring a fresh perspective to student life.


An Environment for Discipleship
A 3:1 student to staff ratio allows personal discipleship to take place. We want students apply what they learn to their personal life.


A Thriving Married Community
More than 1/5 of our students are married and many of them have kids as well. Meet and fellowship with couples in a similar stage of life.

A Vibrant Spiritual Life

Your personal spiritual development is our purpose, beyond the knowledge you gain from a Bible education. We want to provide a safe atmosphere of grace and respect, where the Holy Spirit works in your life. We will encourage you to develop mentoring relationships that will help you take what you learn in the classroom and apply it to your daily life.

A Semester From A Student’s Perspective

One of our students, Taylor, made her own video detailing her first semester. See her perspective on everything from dorm life to classes at Ethnos360. Prepare for a significant amount of bad dancing.