Enrollment Costs


One year at Ethnos360 Bible Institute costs just $9,086.
That includes your tuition, room, board, student accident insurance, books (our Logos software) and your fees.

Compare Yearly Enrollment Costs

Yearly cost for on campus single students.
Costs include tuition, room, board and fees.

The only things not included in your enrollment costs at Ethnos360 is a $25 parking fee if you bring a vehicle.

Costs are for 2017-18 school year.
Stats taken from 

Calculate Your Semester Cost

Each semester varies due to student accident insurance cost.

Single Resident

I will be a in the

Tuition and Fees $2685
Room and Board $1600
Admin Fee $145
Registration $40
Student Accident Insurance $396
Semester Total $4866

Payment Schedule

August 1st $2966
Down Payment
September 1st $475
October 1st $475
November 1st $475
December 1st $475

Married Couple

We will be in the

Tuition and Fees $3325
Housing $1100
Admin Fee $145
Registration $80
Student Accident Insurance $792
Semester Total $5442

Payment Schedule

August 1st $3542
Down Payment
September 1st $475
October 1st $475
November 1st $475
December 1st $475

NoteInternational Students are required to purchase Traveler’s Medical Insurance, but are not required to purchase Student Accident Insurance from Ethnos360 Bible Institute.


Per Credit Hour
Registration $40
Parking $25
Student Accident Insurance $396

Semester Total (16 Credit Hours) $3021


Per Credit Hour$100

Auditor Fees

Online and On Campus

Per Credit Hour$20

Affordable For A Reason – Ministry

Most of our students are heading to the mission field and ministry, so we don’t want to add any lingering financial baggage. We want you free from debt so you can take your next step with God unhindered.

Affordable For Married Students

For our many married students, the cost to attend per couple is $9,842 for a full year. This doesn’t include meals, so most married students handle meals themselves, or sign up for meals in the dining hall.

We even have child care available on campus at a minimal cost.

Staff for Missions Training

We’ve eliminated the single largest cost at most educational institutions: staff salaries. Our staff are supported by churches and individuals.

This helps us keep our costs affordable and means your tuition doesn’t go towards employing your teachers.

Frequently Asked Financial Questions

I’ve heard that students can graduate debt free from Ethnos360 Bible Institute. What makes that possible?
Our Students can and do graduate debt free because our tuition is comparatively low compared to many other Bible colleges. That being said, there is no system in place to guarantee financial stability. Most of our students will get jobs in the area and work to help pay their way through. Secondly, our staff are full time missionaries who raise their support from churches and individuals that share our purpose to see churches planted where Christ is yet unknown.  This provides a tremendous savings in overhead costs which are passed on in our tuition and fees, making EBI very affordable to attend.
Why do you believe that students should pay their school bill without taking loans?
We think that is a responsible way to pay for anything, not just education.  We believe it is wise to not be saddled with debt, especially for students desiring to serve the Lord in full time ministry, like missions.  If you are considering taking out loans to be able to attend EBI, please discuss your financial plan with the school’s business or financial manager to be sure that your plan is workable, given your financial circumstances.  It would also be wise to consult other advisers, like your pastor, who could give you valuable advice regarding your financial plan.
Is it an issue if I have debt prior to attending Ethnos360 Bible Institute?
We accept individuals with debt where a financial plan is in place that appropriately deals with that debt while a student. We would love to have a conversations with you as you are exploring the admissions process.
If I need a job to pay for school, how many hours per week should I work?
First off, if you were being paid $9.25 an hour and working 25 hours per week, you would earn, after taxes, approximately $188.00 per week.  That is $752 per month, enough to pay your monthly school bill.  Your actual take home pay would depend on actual hours worked, rate of pay, and tax rates in the state where you attend school.
Though everyone has different capacities when it comes to school and work, we believe that, in general, the study of God’s Word is negatively impacted when work hours exceed 25 hours per week.   While school is in session, EBI would recommended that your work hours not exceed 25 hours per week.  We believe the study of God’s Word is your first priority and that a great deal of time needs to be committed to accomplishing what you came to do here at EBI – study God’s Word!
If you determine that you will need to work more than 25 hours per week to be able to pay for school, we ask that you discuss this with the business or financial manager at EBI.  We can help you establish a plan that allows you to pay for school and maximize your time here in the Word of God.  We really want you to succeed here at EBI.  In the end, it is possible that the wisest decision may be to delay enrolling at EBI to save additional funds.
Does EBI provide on campus jobs as part of the program?
We do not typically provide jobs to our students.  When we do need to hire students, we usually offer those jobs first to international students that cannot legally work in the U.S..  U.S. law does allow colleges and universities to hire international students if they are enrolled as a student and they work on campus.
Does EBI help students find a job?
We do not provide employment services, however both schools have good relationships with many employers in the community.  Many of the local businesses and individuals looking for employees have a high opinion of the work ethic of our students and often contact the school about job opportunities.   When we are contacted about employment opportunities, we post those jobs on a school bulletin board.
Does EBI provide any financial help to students?
Our tuition and fees do not afford EBI the luxury of being able to offer any financial packages to our students.  We do have a student deacon fund that we can use to help a student in need.  However, that fund relies on donations from individuals not a part of EBI and the amount of funds available differs from semester to semester.
What are my options to pay my school bill? / How do I pay my bill?
You can pay by cash, check, wire transfer, and credit or debit card.  Please do not mail cash to the school.  Cash or check payments made at the school should be dropped off at the business or finance office.  Please contact the office for specific details on how payments with cash or check are best handled.
Credit or debit card payments are subject to a 3% bank charge and we only take Visa and Master Card.  To pay by credit or debit, visit the school website at e360bible.org.  On the menu bar select “Apply” and “Student Payments” in the drop-down list.  After you enter your information and select the campus you attend, click on submit.  Then fill in remaining information to complete your payment.
For wire transfers, please contact the EBI business or financial office to get the school’s Swift code and other information needed for your bank to complete the transaction.  Please note, wire transfers are subject to bank fess that vary by bank and country.

How do students usually pay their way through?
In addition to employment, some students receive financial help from parents, relatives and friends.  Some larger employers may have programs for educational assistance that you may qualify for.  You may want to discuss other possible sources of funds that your church may be aware of, such as, a community foundation in your area or Christian organizations that support Biblical education.
Veterans may be able to secure VA education funds by way of the GI bill.  Both EBI campuses qualify to accept VA education benefits.  Veterans will need to secure a Certificate of Eligibility letter from the VA.  Once received, forward that on to the business or financial office at EBI.  Once received, we will contact you for other information that we will need to bill fees to the VA.  Feel free to contact the business of financial office at the school to discuss details.
Does EBI take any FAFSA student loans or grants from the government?
Since EBI is currently not accredited, we do not qualify as an educational intuition that can receive federal student loans or grants.  Even though federal student aid is not available to you, our low semester costs more than offset the value of any federal loans you may receive at a higher priced school.  And, you do not acquire loan debt that must be repaid after you finish school.
Is EBI’s tuition tax deductible, and does EBI issue 1098-Ts for U.S. citizens?
Since EBI is not currently an accredited Institute, our tuition and fees are not deductible under current U.S. tax law.  Because of that we cannot issue 1098-Ts.  We are in the process of applying for accreditation.  Once that status is obtained, our tuition and fees should be tax deductible, subject to the current IRS regulations in place at that time.
Is EBI’s tuition tax deductible for international students?
We would advise you to check with the taxing authority in your country of citizenship.  We do know that Canadian students are able to tax deduct our tuition and fees under their current tax law.  You should contact your tax advisor to determine which Canadian form needs to be completed and let us know.  We are happy to prepare the necessary paperwork you will need.
What if I cannot pay my school bill on time?
Please let us know if you are having difficulty making your payment.  There is normally a 3% late fee for past due payments, but we really do not like charging late fees, especially if your money is already tight.  You should contact the Business or Finance Office, so we can review your situation and set up a plan to help you get caught up.  Early communication goes a long way in avoiding late fees.  A student that falls more than $475 behind on their school bill may be asked to withdraw from EBI if a workable payment schedule cannot be implemented.
Does EBI send out monthly reminders to students?
We do not send monthly reminders.  We expect that you will pay your school bill by the first of every month.  We do electronically send a monthly statement at the beginning of the month to your school email address.  That statement will indicate where you are at with your school balance, including any past due amounts.  Please check your email regularly, since this is the primary way we communicate with you.  Please review your statement and if you have any questions about your statement, please stop by the office and we can review it with you.
Does EBI accept non-US checks or cash for payment?
We do not accept any foreign cash.  We can accept checks from a Canadian bank if they are payable in U.S. dollars.  To avoid any foreign check fees from our bank, check with your Canadian bank to see if your check can be payable through a U.S. bank.
How much do you recommend students save up to attend EBI?
As you plan out your finances for the fall semester, remember to consider other costs you may continue to have while a student such as grocery expenses for married students, cell phone, gas for your car, and car insurance, to name a few.  Be sure to consider the spring semester down payment in January in your planning.
We would recommend that you save enough to not only pay your first down payment, but also for your first two installment payments.  This will allow you the necessary time to secure a job, if one in needed, and begin receiving paychecks.  Of course, the more you save now the less financial pressure you will feel during school, which will pay spiritual dividends as you study God’s Word.

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