We exist to help you apply God’s Word both practically and personally. Utimately we want to see you grow and be prepared for a life of ministry.

– Student Life Department

A partnership between staff and students

Our investment and your responsibility

Our staff are here to invest in your life and help you live out what you’re learning in class. We also want to encourage you to assume personal responsibility in your walk with God. We are convinced that intentional, gracious friendships with staff and students alike will encourage you to live a life of purpose.




Our staff live in the campus’ backyard – providing unique opportunities. Knock on their doors, visit a coffee shop, stick around campus or go for a walk. Face to face interaction is always possible with our accessible staff.



Discuss classes and chat about life, throw a frisbee, build a relationship, ask and be asked the hard questions, pursue truth and receive grace. Our staff are dedicated to discipleship and training, not just academics.



Whether it’s in class, at meals or during office hours, our teachers are readily available and will work within your schedule in order to help you with homework, questions and application of biblical truth to daily life.

Preparing you for the future

Apply what you’re learning

Ethnos360 Bible Institute is one step in your walk with God. We want to train and prepare you for a long life of faithful obedience to the Lord. During your time here, our desire is that you apply what you learn and get involved in serving. Your personal and spiritual investment doesn’t end when you step outside the classroom.

Student Life



Use your free time to attend or to initiate community events. Whether it be a time of prayer, fasting, worship, evangelizing or serving our community, we enjoy growing and spending quality time with each other.



Join a Church, get to know the community and start sharing. Whether it’s through sports, a youth group, or events, there is ample opportunity to get involved in mission outside of our campus.



Join in on our informal discussion period that our staff host once a week – “Caffeinated Conversation”. Bring all of your questions and get insight for situations that you encounter outside of class.