When is the application deadline?
Aug. 1 for the fall semester; Jan. 1 for the spring semester.
Can I transfer credits from another college?
This usually depends on the courses previously taken. The best thing to do if you are curious about transferring credits is to email a copy of your transcript to our school registrar. 
Do credits from EBI transfer to other colleges?
Although Ethnos360 Bible Institute is not yet accredited, a number of Christian colleges and universities do accept our credits. See Accreditation page for details.
Is Ethnos360 Bible Institute accredited?
Although Ethnos360 Bible Institute is not yet accredited, a number of Christian colleges and universities do accept our credits. See Accreditation page for details.
What degree will I graduate with?
Students who complete and meet the requirements of our two-year program will receive an Associate Degree in Biblical Studies.


How big is the study body on average?
We host a student body of 200 to 300 students. 
How many students live in a dorm?
Due to the historic nature of our building, our dorms come in various sizes hosting between 3-5 students.
How are dorm rooms set up?
Each dorm has a study room and a bedroom. Each student is given their own desk, bed, dresser, and closet space.
How are the apartments for married students set up?
The space of each married apartment is determined by the size of the family. Our married apartments will have a full kitchen, living room, and bedroom. Depending on the housing, all necessary amenities will be in the house or a short walk away in the main building. Married housing is also subject to availability.
Are there good jobs in the area?
Yes! We have a really good relationship with a local busing company, First Student, as well as the Before/After School program through the Waukesha Parks and Recreation Department. Both jobs have shifts that work well with our class schedule and are relatively close to campus. There are also many job opportunities in downtown Waukesha and the neighboring area.
Can the campus cafeteria cater to different food allergies?
We offer gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free options at most meals, but beyond that we don’t have the ability to offer specialized meals for individual students. There is an option to be taken off the meal plan and have a slight reduction in tuition if your allergies are severe enough.
What is the typical age range for incoming students?
Many of our students are 18-25, there is a good community of single and married student ages 25-35, and a few students 35 and older.
Can international students work at EBI while they are a student?
We have a fully functioning café on campus that may offer international students a chance to make money during their two years. These jobs are limited, cannot be guaranteed, and must be applied for upon arrival.


How does Ethnos360 Bible Institute relate to Ethnos360 (Founded in 1942 as New Tribes Mission)?
Ethnos360 Bible Institute is the first step in Ethnos360’s overall training program. As a mission, we feel it is vital to send out missionaries who are adequately prepared for the task set before them. We believe that it is critical to establish believers in the foundational truths of the Bible, not only as it pertains to their ministries as they communicate and teach, but also in their own relationship with God. Practical missionary training takes place in the next step, at Ethnos360 Training in Missouri or Emanate, located in Canada. Orientation and ongoing training take place on the mission field.
What is the next step after EBI if I want to join Ethnos360?
For the student pursuing missionary work, the next step with Ethnos360 would be to attend one of our missionary training centers. We currently have two campuses available for English speakers, Ethnos360 Training, located in Missouri and Emanate, located in Canada. Both programs run roughly 2 years. For more information, start here.


What is Logos Bible Software?
Logos Bible Software is a digital library application designed for electronic Bible study. In addition to basic eBook functionality, it includes extensive resource linking, note-taking functionality, and linguistic analysis for study of the Bible both in translation and in its original languages. You can find more information about Logos on their website.
What kind of device do I need to run the Logos Bible Software?
If you are using a computer with Logos, the minimum requirement is 2GB of RAM and 30GB of hard drive space. Some users have found that 8-16GB of RAM is ideal. It’s possible for a netbook or iPad to run the online version of the program, but this configuration limits the software’s capability. There’s also a mobile app available. The online version and apps do limit the software’s functionality somewhat. When you complete all 4 semesters, you will own the software outright.


How much is tuition?
You can see the different rates for single and married students and calculate your tuition on our Enrollment Costs page.
How do tuition payments work?
Your down payment (about half of the semester cost) is due before the start of each semester: August 1 for the fall semester, January 1 for the spring semester. Throughout the remainder of each semester, there are four monthly payments of $475 due the first of each month.  
Is the meal plan included in tuition?
Yes for single students. Married students are responsible for their own meals, but have kitchen accommodations in their apartments. 
Do students need to purchase textbooks?
Most textbooks you will need are available in digital format within the Logos Bible Software you use as a student. You will receive a license to Logos when you arrive. Occasionally you might be required to purchase a textbook or borrow one from the library.