When is the application deadline?
Aug. 1 for the fall semester; Jan. 1 for the spring semester.
What if I have debt?
We accept individuals with debt where a financial plan is in place that appropriately deals with that debt while a student. We would love to have a conversations with you as you are exploring the admissions process.

Campus Life

What is your dress code?
Ethnos360 Bible Institute recognizes that there are a number of different personal preferences and convictions in the area of appearance and dress. Our training centers include missionaries and students from a wide range of ages, churches, international and cultural backgrounds. We value a community that functions out of sensitivity to these differences. We request that our students appear neat and modest while avoiding extremes. Each believer bears the responsibility before God to be sensitive to the people around us.
Despite our culture’s pressure to be individualistic, we challenge our students to attempt to respectfully and modestly fit into whatever community God has placed them in, rather than attempt to be distinct from the community. Please dress appropriate to the surroundings. Mutual respect and consideration between believers requires an ongoing discussion within the body of Christ. Our desire is to foster an environment where we can challenge each other to continually evaluate our lives and choices under the light of God’s Word and consider how our choices may impact those around us.


How does Ethnos360 Bible Institute relate to Ethnos360 (Founded in 1942 as New Tribes Mission)?
Ethnos360 Bible Institute is the first step in Ethnos360’s overall training program. As a mission, we feel it is vital to send out missionaries who are adequately prepared for the task set before them. We believe that it is critical to establish believers in the foundational truths of the Bible, not only as it pertains to their ministries as they communicate and teach, but also in their own relationship with God. Practical missionary training takes place in the next step, at the Missionary Training Center in Missouri. Orientation and ongoing training take place on the mission field.
What is the Missionary Training Center?
The Missionary Training Center is a two year program that equips you with practical skills vital to cross-cultural church-planting. Click on the link to read more about the MTC program.
Is Ethnos360 Bible Institute accredited?
Although Ethnos360 Bible Institute is not accredited, a number of Christian colleges and universities do accept our credits. See Accreditation and Credit Transfer for more details, including lists of colleges and universities who accept our credits.
See EBI's On-going COVID-19 updates (Updated 6/30/2020).