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I’d been having a rough week. I was wrestling with future decisions and the prospect of dating a girl I really liked and just wasn’t really sure what God would think about the whole thing.

I was talking with some other people, but mostly kept it to myself. Finally, one day I’d had enough. I needed someone to talk to so I thought “I’ll talk to one of the deans.” I’d hung out with Keith a little bit and my older sister encouraged me to talk to him so I set up a meeting.

That was the first of many meetings with Keith. Ever since then I have had a weekly meeting with him and those have always been some of the most encouraging times of my life. I have truly enjoyed the opportunity to talk through things to see how much of a grasp I have on certain subjects, but also to have someone to rely on for wise, godly counsel.

As I got to know Keith more, he and Jacqueline would invite me over to watch a movie or just hang out. Soon I was inviting myself over just as often as they invited me and have been able to spend so many awesome hours just talking through life with both Keith and Jacqueline.

Looking back at that day where I nervously and somewhat reluctantly went into Keith’s office to talk to him, not even knowing what I was really going to say, I thank God for the opportunity He has given me to spend time with Keith and Jacqueline, enabling us to establish not only a student-mentor relationship, but a true friendship.

Without their ministry to me and their input in my life, my experience at NTBI would not have been as profitable in the least. Their friendship and investment in my life has been incredible, and I thank God for placing them in my life.

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