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We have been going through some amazing classes in my third semester at New Tribes Bible Institute. I have gotten to take 2 Corinthians, Romans, Missions in Church History, James and Angelology.

Right now in Romans class we are going through verse by verse and learning about man’s desperate need for God, about how God provided the only way for man to be cleansed, and about our new life in Christ- our justification, sanctification and glorification.

I had always loved reading the Old Testament. I loved seeing how God showed Himself faithful to individual people, fulfilled His promises and did signs and wonders that could have been done by no other than the Creator of the world. But this semester I have seen something else. I have seen how God shows Himself in the New Testament.

As I read through the testimonies of believers and how God worked with the early church it just amazes me. Our God never changes. He is always consistently working with people, staying faithful to His word and His great love is constantly being poured out on us!

We deserve nothing that He has given us, and yet He loved us enough to not only provide the only way to be saved, but that He completely finished the work on the cross. John 19:30 …He said, “It is finished!” There is nothing more we can add to the already finished work of Christ. All we can do is accept the gift by believing in what God says He has already done!

I was so worried before I left home that my focus would get off of God and on other things around me. Last year I really struggled with finding balance in friendships, homework and my personal time with God. God has been so good and faithful to me though.

The more I study His Word and learn about who He is and the personal relationship He wants with me the more I desire to get to know Him more. My focus has remained on God so far and I pray it continues to stay there …because all else apart from God and His will for my life is completely meaningless and unsatisfying.

At about $4,500 per semester for housing, meals and classes, see what you would be learning at NTBI: Class Descriptions