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My relationships with the teachers here at New Tribes Bible Institute have been so beneficial to my study of God’s Word. The teachers are here to invest in the students so that we will be able to go into the world and live out what God has taught us through the Bible.

The teachers live in the area of the school, so I get to see their lives and build relationships with them along with learning from them. I have spent many lunches sitting with the teachers and getting to know them. Also, I have had many opportunities outside of class to seek further explanation of the things we are learning because the teachers here have dedicated their lives for the purpose of seeing students become men and women established in the Word of God.

I have a question notebook that I write down all the questions of things that I don’t understand or want to understand further and I am able to approach the teachers outside of class and ask questions. And they always take the time to sit down with me, sometimes for hours at a time, and they always point me back to the Bible and show me what it has to say about my questions.

Not only do I approach the teachers with questions about the Bible, but I can also come to the teachers and talk about life because the teachers are not only concerned with what I am learning, but how I am growing.

All in all, the teachers here at NTBI are here to invest in the students, and have made my time at NTBI one of the most amazing experiences of my life!