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As a missionary kid growing up in a remote tribe in Papua New Guinea, God blessed me so much with being able to see clearly the difference between God’s truths and the world’s lies. Coming back to the USA was a huge shock for me — seeing how mixed up everything is.

As I have spent the last four years in America, I have grown to understand more and more the importance of truth. I have learned that wisdom can not only be gained by my experience, but other’s experiences.

In order to gain more wisdom, I plan on attending New Tribes Bible School in Waukesha, Wisconsin. There I can learn not only deep wisdom from the Bible, but also facts and truths that can help me battle the lies of this world.

New Tribes Bible Institute is a school that is fully devoted to truth.

The two year program will walk me through the Bible with a curriculum that is derived from the wisdom of many great Bible scholars. Students are encouraged to study the Bible for themselves and the school works towards the goal of preparing us to be effective ambassadors for truth.


Do you think Angie will find what she’s looking for?