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At the moment I am taking Hermeneutics, which is basically learning to dig into the Bible for yourself.

In Hermeneutics 1a we dug into John 12 to no END, and now in Hermeneutics 1b we have been digging into Philemon, just to learn practical application and such.) I love Hermeneutics so much.

The homework is time consuming, but so useful for future application.

Then I’m taking Pentateuch, and right now we are in Exodus. It has been really cool. So far we have just been going through chapter by chapter and discussing/learning new things about it.

Then Old Testament History, one of my favorites so far. Our teacher, Dave Hodgedon, is such a fabulous teacher. He makes the Old Testament stories literally come alive.

I’ve never enjoyed them more. And I’ve never connected with the people who lived in those times more. I guess in the past they didn’t seem real to me.