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Today I graduated from New Tribes Bible Institute. Without hesitation I can say these last two years at Bible School have been some of the best of my life.

So much has changed in my thinking in regard to God’s Word. I mean, I can hardly recognize the guy who first walked through these doors 24 months ago. It was two years filled with failures, triumphs, foolish decisions and meaningful friendships. Looking back, although most times I did not realize it, the overarching theme was God’s faithfulness.

I have been asked several times what I would change if I could do it all over again. My answer quite simply is, “I would do it all over again and I probably wouldn’t change anything.”

These failures that sometimes I want to change is where I saw God work the most. Indeed, the most growth I have seen take place in my life is through my failures. Perhaps I am beginning to realize more and more that my own inadequacy is the point, because God alone is adequate.

When my pride overcomes me, God is faithful. When I stumble yet again as I attempt to carry myself, God is faithful. When time after time I fail to learn my need for dependence, God is faithful.

So I can leave New Tribes Bible Institute confident, not in my own ability or wisdom, but in God’s faithfulness — that God will see me through.