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What is the MTC about and why should I go?

The Bible is clear that each believer is responsible in the work of world evangelism, and this is the vision of Ethnos360: a thriving church for every people. The Missionary Training Center (MTC), located in Camdenton, Missouri, is a program of Ethnos360 and has the primary focus of properly preparing missionaries for ministry. The four-semester course equips attendees for every aspect of life in a cross-cultural setting. Learn how to live in a different culture, how to learn languages without any outside help, how to teach the Bible chronologically, and how to thrive in adverse regions of the world.


What are the prerequisites needed before attending the MTC?

You need a minimum of two years of Bible training or the equivalent. Ethnos360 Bible Institute exists to provide this training, but the requirement also may be met by Bible or Christian college courses, equivalent training in a local church, or life experience.


What experience does the staff bring to the training?

There are currently 60 experienced missionary families or individuals serving at Ethnos360’s Missionary Training Center who are passionate about teaching field-proven methods that are constantly updated to remain effective and relevant.

Everyone on the Training Center staff brings first-hand experience to the specialized training you receive, offering both the practical and spiritual preparation you need to become an important part of the team that is planting tribal churches.


What is the cost?

We’ve eliminated the single largest cost at most educational institutions: staff salaries. All of our staff are missionaries, supported by churches and individuals with a vision of helping you learn what you need in order to join the church planting team.

Fees per semester:

  • Singles: $3,091
  • Married couples without children: $6,182
  • Married couples with one child: $6,432
  • Married couples with two children: $6,572
  • Married couples with three children: $6,721
  • For each additional child, $140

These payments include housing, utilities, use of laundry facilities, student activities, registration, course fees, administration, DSL and telephones, Student Accident Insurance (billed for entire year), etc. They do not include personal expenses or food, or the costs detailed below.

Other costs

  • Books, supplies and materials: Approximately, $100 for 1st & 3rd semester.  Second Semester is $200 and Fourth Semester is $300.
  • Childcare: $400 for each child per semester
  • Graduation: $50 (final semester only)
  • Housing deposit: $500 (refundable) due 3 months before the start of classes.


What is the schedule like each day?

Structured classes run from 8 a.m. to noon Monday through Friday. Childcare is provided 8:30 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. From 1:30 to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, various activities take place, including classes, personal development, community outreach, and campus ministries.


How long is the MTC program?

The church planting course is a four semester course. Semesters are 18 weeks in length and allow for holiday and summer breaks.


What courses does the MTC go through?

  • Church Planting: Worldview, New Testament Church Principles, Practical Ministry Skills, Folk Religions, Curriculum Development, Evangelism, The Mature Church Model
  • Christian Living: Foundational Bible Teaching, Teamwork, Stewardship of Life and Resources, Discipleship, Effective Parenting, Conflict Resolution
  • Culture and Language Acquisition: Phonetics, Culture and Language Methodology, Animism, Grammar, Semantics and Translation, Literacy, Phonemics
  • Complementary Courses: Missionary Health and Wellness, Missionary Technology, Safety, Learning Styles, Communication Skills

For descriptions of these courses go to:


What is campus life like?

Twice a week, the student body meets for a time of corporate prayer, worship and teaching. The style and format of chapel services vary from guest speakers, praise and worship, testimonies, updates and information related to campus living, among others. The Student Life Department may also teach and exhort from God’s Word as it relates to various student life activity and ministries.


What is the community like?

The MTC is in a strategically placed 350-acre campus to make the most out of the intense training. The semi-isolated property creates a tight-knit community but is also accessible for ministry opportunities in the surrounding area.


Where do students live?

You’ll be assigned on-campus housing based on your family size and specific needs. The housing is designed as a community, promoting interaction among staff and students. Each apartment has a phone and DSL connection, and wireless is available throughout the campus. Each apartment has a kitchen; there are no campus dining facilities. You will need to provide your own linens, and may use your own furniture or furniture available on campus.


Does the MTC provide childcare?

Childcare is normally offered for all young children, from nursery through pre-school. If childcare is not an option due to sickness or lack of personnel, students are able to stay up to date with the classes through cry rooms and/or video streaming. Childcare is a cooperative effort between all student mothers and staff ladies. Childcare runs during the morning class time: from 8:15 a.m.-12:05 p.m., all semester.


Should I try to work while attending the MTC?

It is recommended to not have a job due to the intense training that takes place, but it is still allowed. Students choosing employment outside of the MTC are expected to fulfill all training requirements:

  • Class responsibilities
  • Extracurricular responsibilities which generally take place during weekday afternoons but include some time during evenings and weekends.


Post-Graduate Linguistics Specialist

Additional language analysis training is available for those who qualify. This 28-credit course goes into classes such as Phonology, Morphology, Syntax, Applied Linguistics, Advanced Linguistics Issues, Applied Phonology, and Applied Grammar.


Post-Graduate Tech Specialist

Extensive technician training is also offered through a 20-credit program in the following areas: Solar Electric Technology, Power Systems, Equipment Maintenance, and Construction Skills.


Take the Next Step

The Missionary Training Center exists to establish a thriving church for every people. With experienced staff, a tight-knit community, and in-depth courses, each person who attends here will be prepared to effectively take the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

To apply to the MTC, fill out a preliminary questionnaire online.


For more information, contact the Connection Center:

Connection Center
312 W. First St
Sanford, Florida 32771-1231