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Check out the history and purpose of New Tribes Bible Institute’s much anticipated Tribal Cup weekend! Brandon Young, one of our deans of single men, describes the healthy competition and camaraderie that this sports weekend can bring about between our two campuses:

Every semester, New Tribes Bible Institute hosts an event called Tribal Cup. This event, formally known as Field Day, is a time when both New Tribes Bible Institute campuses come together for competitive sports. In the fall semester, our Wisconsin campus travels to our Michigan campus, and vice versa in the spring semester. The two campuses spend the weekend together competing in sports such as basketball, soccer, softball, and volleyball.

Although there is competition on the field, off the field we use this weekend for a time of unity between our student bodies. The Tribal Cup weekend usually involves times of worship led by our student music teams, missions challenge, and encouragement from the Word by either a New Tribes Bible Institute staff member or a guest missionary speaker, and plenty of down-time to hang out and build good friendships around a meal or a coffee social.

Tribal Cup has been a part of the fabric of New Tribes Bible Institute since there have been two separate campuses. New Tribes Bible Institute values bringing our campuses together and making them one school, even if only for a weekend at a time. As a part of New Tribes Mission’s training program, we see the importance of having our students learn how to deal with competition, winning, and losing in light of God’s Word and how He would have us respond in our character and walk with Him. It is very possible for a Jackson grad and a Waukesha grad to be partnering together on a tribal church planting team. With this in mind, we are also hoping that through these weekends together, life-long friendships are born which will someday turn into partnerships on the mission field.

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