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Convinced of missions at a very young age, Dan Falls’s focus has been on the furtherance of the gospel for almost his entire life.  Before joining our team here, Dan served on a church-planting team in South America. After coming to Michigan and  serving for a number of years as a dean, Dan is now the current President of the New Tribes Bible Institute Michigan campus.  Along with being President, he serves on the leadership team in Sanford, Florida for all of New Tribes Mission. He also teaches several classes here at New Tribes Bible Institute. As busy as he is, Dan’s passion for discipleship is evident. He invests in the lives of our students as often as he possibly can. Renowned for his sense of humor, his masterful storytelling, and his gifts of teaching and mentoring, Dan is beloved among our students and staff.

Where are you from originally?  Philadelphia

When did you join the Jackson/Waukesha team? Summer of 1999

What is your favorite thing about serving at NTBI? Seeing the impact that the Word makes in young lives

What is something the student body might not know about you? I’m really not as intense as they think I am.

At what point in your life were you convinced to become involved with missions? 4th grade – My parents had just gotten us in to a really good, solid church. Missionaries from Argentina came, and they made a dinner for all of the kids in the church who were willing to make a poster on a different country. I did one on Papua New Guinea. At the dinner they showed us slides of the people group they worked with, and I thought then and there, ‘I could do that’.

What’s your favorite place to eat in Jackson/Waukesha? New City Buffet // Klavon’s

What pastimes do you enjoy? I like camping, hiking ,canoeing, soccer, frisbee, and hunting

Do you have a “hero of the faith” that you admire, and if so, what about them is inspiring? Bill and Jean Martin. They were missionaries with New Tribes Mission in Brazil. They came from my neighborhood. They were just normal people from a blue collar neighborhood that trusted God to go to the ends of the earth. Whenever Bill was home on furlough he would come visit with me over my lunch hour to talk with me. He always made time to connect with me, and that has really stuck with me.

Who is your favorite author or musician? For just pleasure reading,  Robert Ludlum is my favorite author.  Classic Rock is my favorite genre of music.

Where is your favorite place to spend time? Wherever people are.


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