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I broke my foot recently.


Let me tell you what happens when you break your foot.

You get a splint up to your knee. You use crutches and muscles you didn’t know you had to hoist yourself everywhere. You need help with everything and changing your clothes just became one of the most exhausting things of your day. You constantly feel tired. You think about how to do something long before you have to do it. You cry over silly things and want to be frustrated a lot. You feel restricted, burdensome, vulnerable, irritable, and helpless.

Now let me tell you what happens at New Tribes Bible Institute when you break your foot.

People love you. You are just one part of this little community, but the rest of them bend to meet you where you’re at. People you hardly talk to suddenly open doors and ask if you need help. Guys jump to help carry you, your books, and your wheelchair or crutches up flights of steps. Girls help you get things together so you can take a bath and do your hair. Friends pick out your favorite outfits so that you can still feel pretty; haul pillows around and help you prop your foot up anywhere you go; bring you breakfast in bed; and encourage you when you feel down. Teachers pray for you in class. People slow down to just talk to you and make you laugh.

I have found that whether you’ve a broken body, a broken heart, or a broken mind, this is a good place to be. I’ve experienced all three here, and I’m here to tell you that this family has been what I have needed.

To be injured in this community is to feel the healing love of Jesus. To have need is to find God’s provision through studying His Word with these people, hearing it from these people. To be helpless here is to find that He will always take care of you.

I didn’t just break my foot last weekend.

I began to learn once again what it is to be loved by the people of God.