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Whether I like to admit it or not, resembling Christ is something that I really struggle with, even in the sports realm. It’s easy to feel like I’m the only one working hard and as a result, begin to be angry. I then have a choice…to act out of anger or to encourage my teammates, recognizing we all work as a team.

I was a volleyball player in high school and many times, in a game or practice, I found myself becoming angry at my team, especially when they just didn’t seem to be trying their best. At times I found myself saying something discouraging that I later regretted.

Looking back, I’ve realized what my responses should have been. These days, as I feel anger rising within, I begin to pray and ask God to help me keep a good attitude. Secondly, I just try to have fun! In all honesty, all that matters is doing my best. Is the game really going to matter in eternity? No, it’s not, but I know my response will matter. Anger will only add tension and then no one will enjoy the game.

1 Corinthians 9:25a says, “Every athlete exercises self-control in all things.” Self-control results in an attitude that will be honoring and glorifying to God.