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Well, Jackson it’s been real. After two years, what did we accomplish? The many drives over the horrible roads, grocery trips at our favorite- Meijer, bringing another baby into the world, sending our oldest to her first school, downsizing from a house to an apartment, a job transfer and much more, oh, so much more.

I’ve learned to love my kids more, fallen more in love with┬ámy husband, and I love my God loads more because I know Him more. I’ve finally grasped His grace, mercy, and SECURITY and I’ve made friendships that I’ll miss with every fiber of my being.

So we leave NTBI, head home to Indiana for the summer, and then onto the MTC. I’m more ready than ever to give our lives for the sake of spreading the gospel. Jackson, though…we leave with tears in our eyes but excitement in our hearts. Onto the next adventure!