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Dalton Dueck has experienced teamwork in several different ministry contexts. He served as a support worker for New Tribes Mission in Africa for about nine years. He now serves here at New Tribes Bible Institute, as a teacher and Dean of Student Life. He sees the great gifts God has given through his teammates. Here is a glimpse into his personal experience of ministering alongside other believers:


Have you ever felt alone? Felt like you were in a place of isolation, having to face life and all of its demands by yourself? You might have been surrounded by people, even friends, yet the loneliness and “aloneness” were very real and heavy.

I think about Adam, our first father, and how he was alone in the garden of Eden. I don’t believe that he was lonely, given his incredible friendship with his Creator; yet there was something about his being alone, the only one of his kind, that had God say (for us to hear) that it wasn’t good. Eve is described as a helper, someone who would give Adam a hand, in this case, in cultivating and caring for the garden of Eden.

Fast forward to the life of the prophet Moses. In Numbers 11, he found himself at a place of total desperation and weakness with the weight of caring for the community of Israelites in the wilderness. He was frustrated, tired, and overwhelmed. But the Lord  provided 70 men; people that could step in and help him with a task that was too much for him.

As I trust God and seek to serve Him here at New Tribes Bible Institute, there are days (more than I can count) where ministry is too much; it seems to be so much more than I’m capable of on any given day.

I get frustrated, tired, and overwhelmed (Hey there, Moses!!). Relationships can be complicated, both with staff and with students, and I often reach the end of myself. In much the same way as He provided people for Moses, I have grown to appreciate His provision of people in my life. God says through Paul in 1 Corinthians 12:27, “All of you together are Christ’s body, and each of you is a part of it.” What a cool picture of God providing for us through each other!!

I have teammates, coworkers who play a crucial role in my ministry and also in my personal life and relationship with God. They help me think biblically. They help encourage me when I’m discouraged. They help reveal wrong thinking when my mind is messed up. They help push me when I want to quit ministry. Guess what? I have the chance to do the same thing for them when they are in a vulnerable place and need help.

I believe that God’s character displays teamwork and partnership. Whether it is Him within Himself (Father, Son, and Spirit) accomplishing something, Him working together with people to accomplish His will, or people working with people to accomplish His will, He is a God who values doing things together, not alone. As Westerners, we often have a very individualistic, independent perspective of how to live. Am I willing to work with others? Do I value working with others? God sure does, and as I let His thoughts renew my mind, I have grown to appreciate the life that comes out of healthy interdependence. What an amazing God, that He would provide us for each other!

At the end of the day, it’s God Himself that will meet every need I have. I’m so thankful that He has surrounded me with people that will help point me back to dependence on Him.


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