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Ten years ago, Dalton Dueck joined the Jackson staff, and has been a valuable part of the team ever since. His experience in cross-cultural ministry, his kindness, and consistent character have been used by the Lord to impact the people around him. He is known for being an articulate teacher and a gracious mentor. Here is just a peek into his life: 


Where are you from originally?  Steinbach, Manitoba

When did you join the Jackson/Waukesha team?  2007

What is your favorite thing about serving at NTBI?  The impact on the unreached – seeing students move toward people groups who’ve never heard the gospel.

What is something the student body might not know about you?  I can speak low German and French.

At what point in your life were you convinced to become involved with missions?  Here at NTBI. I was just persuaded by the Word and gained the knowledge here that there were unreached people groups, and felt compelled to go.

What’s your favorite place to eat in Jackson/Waukesha?  Chilangos

What pastimes do you enjoy?  Running/Reading

Do you have a “hero of the faith” that you admire, and if so, what about them is inspiring?  My grandpa-he was a missionary in Paraguay at a time when it was way more challenging to be a missionary. He worked really hard to learn the heart language of the people. His years and years of faithfulness have been a real testimony to me.

Who is your favorite author or musician?  Musician-Phil Keaggy //Author – Francis Shaeffer and William R. Newell

Where is your favorite place to spend time?  Quebec City, Canada


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