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During the week it takes intense motivation to wake up at 5am every morning. When the first alarm goes off at 4:55am I quickly snooze it and promise myself 5 more minutes of precious sleep.

Motivation #1

After closing my eyes for two seconds the alarm goes off, signaling wake up time. “BUT I JUST closed my eyes!” I swear my stuffed llama comes to life and rigs the alarm on my phone…

While fumbling to turn the alarm off I gently coax my head off the pillow and chant “Coffee. Coffee. Coffee.”

Motivation #2

Climbing off the top bunk in the pitch black room is a task in itself. After successfully landing on the floor like a cat without shaking my roommate off her bed in earthquake like fashion I tell myself “Naomi, you could be a ninja”

Motivation #3

I like to think that right about now, God is probably grabbing His mug and turning His coffee pot on. I’m praying that as I wake up and become more coherent (and sinful) that I watch my attitude. In fact, it’s more like: “Holy Spirit I am so glad You’re awake and not as grumpy as I am. Take over until I get my caffeine and Gods Word in my mind.” And I am confident He will.

Motivation #4

As I sneak out to the study room and stumble over the couch landing a front flip on the floor I immediately realize my dreams of being a ninja are over. Hmm… But God still loves me. Maybe He’ll let me be a missionary.

Motivation #5

By the time coffee is made and I’m sitting down with God’s Word (and hopefully a muffin), I realize that I’m so incredibly blessed. God helps me get up in the wee hours of the morning because He’s excited to sit down and fellowship with His child. I genuinely believe that He enjoys being with me on the couch, drinking coffee and sharing His love and wisdom with me.

It’s a comfort to know that He’s the one that first sees and talks to me in the morning. He gets to work on me before anyone else has a chance to meet me and run away. And yes, granted there are times I’m not as wonderful towards everyone as I should be, even after He’s worked on me in the morning. But that’s simply because I can be really stupid and walk away from coffee with God and immediately sin by cursing under my breath as I topple down four flights of stairs on my way to work. Generally it’s because I’m late and I know my boss won’t buy the whole “I’m ten minutes late…but God held me over so you can’t fire me.”


All that to say… God is awesome and incredibly personal. And even though I can’t sleep in on a Saturday because my internal 5 am clock wakes me up, I’m so incredibly grateful that the Maker and Lord of eternity wants be the first one to talk to me in the mornings.

“What no eye has seen nor ear heard nor the heart of man imagined, what God has prepared for those who love Him… …But we have the mind of Christ.”