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Before Bible school I had read through a book called, “Stranger on the Road to Emmaus” with a man who had been disciplining me. Through that study, I came to understood how much of God’s Word I really didn’t know. This is what initially sparked my hunger to know more about God.

I had been holding all these puzzle pieces that I knew must fit together somehow to give me a picture of who God was—but I didn’t know how they all fit, or even if I had all the pieces, for that matter! I had a broken picture of who God was; I had a worldview that was culturally skewed. I came to New Tribes Bible Institute to learn about God’s Word and hopefully piece together the puzzle. After two years here of diving into the Word and learning so much, I would have to say, New Tribes has been able to help piece together and repaint a bigger, broader, deeper image of who God is, His love and pursuit for the lost, and my identity in Him. I realized that I was the broken one. God got bigger and I got smaller.