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I fail, yet God is faithful. How is it that I disregard, forget, and abandon Him, yet consistently He loves me? Because He is Yahweh; the great and faithful God, creator of the universe, redeemer of mankind, and He is love.

When I reflect on my own life I can see the same pattern of failure as the Israelites. It’s disappointing to realize that I’m just like them. In reality, it’s nothing I can do or attempt to do that helps me be more faithful; it’s God’s goodness alone. The reassuring fact is that, regardless of how many times I mess up, He still uses my life.

Taking examples from a few renowned Biblical characters like Adam, Abraham, Jacob, and many more, I’m reminded that whether or not I am, He is constant. God used the failures of men to fulfill His perfect plan.

I’m comforted in knowing that despite the fact that I do fail Him regularly, He still can use me in a variety of ways, and when I look back at my life I can see those instances play into the greater picture of this world. The way He brings me to the right place at the right time to influence someone in a small way so that they might, in turn, impact someone else, thus continuing the spread of the Gospel to all people and nations is just one example of God’s goodness through me.

God uses people just like me, in an assortment of ways, to take the opportunity for Salvation, the Gospel to human beings all over the world. Why else would He send His beloved Son to this sin-cursed world to die? From Genesis we see God’s faithfulness and love exemplified over and again, however we also realize that it’s just the beginning of His great wonder. It simply gives us a taste for His goodness and spurs our curiosity to discover more of His attributes. Yet the more we search the more we realize that we’ll never come to the end of them! Even in the face of that somehow discouraging and, simultaneously, inspiring thought, it demonstrates that God is above anything we could ever aspire to understand. Knowing that He is beyond my attainable knowledge is but one more reason for me to trust Him. If He were a simple God that we could easily relate to (in the sense that we understand Him fully) then we would try to overcome His greatness and thus discredit it.

Yahweh is more than my finite mind can understand, and His ways of using people and their small faith is beyond my grasp, but I’ll trust Him because He is good regardless of what I do or don’t do to deserve it.