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Equipping God’s People for Cross Cultural Missions

The staff and leadership at New Tribes Bible Institute commit themselves to training students for a lifetime relationship with Jesus. This relationship includes a commitment to obey the Great Commission in whatever form that may take. Equipping God’s people for the work of the gospel is foundational to why we exist.

The ministries that our students aspire towards can be physically, emotionally and spiritually demanding. We want to see them entering ministry with sober and accurate perspectives about who God is and how they should involve themselves in His work.

More specifically, New Tribes Bible Institute seeks to equip students for cross cultural missions, while still being relevant to the various ministries that the church is doing here at home. Here are five ways that New Tribes Bible Institute can prepare you for cross cultural missions.

Bible With A Missions Focus

Through an in-depth study and understanding of the entirety of God’s Word, we are convinced that redemption has been on God’s heart since the beginning of creation.Through Israel, and now through the Church, God has always sought to restore all peoples and nations to Himself.

Having a unified heart and purpose with God is the first step in cross cultural missions.

As we bring you through the bible in its chronological order, we trust that you will see God’s heart for every nation. The chronological approach to the Bible is not only for your benefit as a student, but is also the methodology our missionaries use on the field.

Experiencing this in your classes will begin to ground you in and familiarize you with our mission strategy.

New Tribes Bible Institute also offers courses specifically designed for cross cultural missions and ministry. We teach courses such as evangelism, family relationships, public speaking and biblical interpretation, among others. We believe training in these areas will be crucial for your future.

2. Experienced Staff

Embarking on the journey of missions can be an overwhelming experience. Culture shock, loneliness, depression, spiritual warfare, relationships and language are just some of the barriers that you may encounter.

Having a realistic perspective of the field and what is going to be expected of you is important to your training.

These are not areas that a course on its own can do justice to. These are real life experiences that require the wisdom of those who have gone before us. As a student at New Tribes Bible Institute, you will have access to a wealth of understanding. Many of the staff members at New Tribes Bible Institute have first-hand experience in cross cultural ministry. This will help you work through the many questions and concerns that you may have.

3.Practical Ministry Encouraged

Along with studying the Bible in-depth, we see the need and value of putting that knowledge to use. We need to put Jesus’ words into practice (Matthew 7:24-27) lest our knowledge puff us up (1 Corinthians 8:1) and we fail to make our knowledge useful (1 Corinthians 13:2).

Our training is a season of preparation so that we can send missionaries out for a lifetime of faithful service.

We understand that ministry is the outcome of this preparation, and not necessarily the main focus during your studies. However, we strongly encourage you to engage in a local Church and community outreach. We also require our students to be involved in our Evangelism Practicum. This is a course that will have you engaged in evangelism with a person of your choice for your entire time here.

These opportunities are in place to support your learning and prepare you with foundational principles for cross cultural missions.

4. Surrounded by Like-Minded Peers

One of the greatest blessings of being a student here is being surrounded by classmates who have a similar mindset. Whether they are considering cross cultural missions or not, our students typically have a deep desire to study God’s Word. Being surrounded by people who share this passion forms a God-centered community.

You will begin to learn what it’s like to partner with fellow believers in God’s work.

Teamwork is essential to any form of ministry. Working on interpersonal skills for building healthy relationships will be a daily part of your life here.

Many different people with many different cultures, experiences and testimonies creates an atmosphere of learning and growth.

You don’t have to wait until you go to the field in order to begin engaging other cultures.

There are many students who have grown up in various cultures or even as missionary kids – giving you special access to the world.

5. Direct Connection with New Tribes Mission

New Tribes Bible Institute is part of a church planting organization called New Tribes Mission. With 75 years of tribal church planting experience, New Tribes Mission has expertise in cross cultural missions. Gather information and benefit from the wealth of wisdom that this mature organization offers.

Stay connected with what’s going on in the world. 

New Tribes Mission missionaries regularly visit as chapel speakers, also offering time to the student body for question and answer sessions.

Whether you’re familiar with missions or new to it all, the stories of our missionaries will challenge you; you will have your beliefs refined as you wrestle with God.

New Tribes Bible Institute also fulfills the prerequisites for New Tribes Mission’s Missionary Training Center.

Even if you’re unsure about cross cultural missions, New Tribes Bible Institute will help you come to an educated decision.

Moving Forward

Cross cultural missions is no simple task. Many people  involve themselves in missions for a few years, only to find their work unhelpful and often destructive. We take these testimonies seriously and desire to see missionaries equipped so they can excel in their work. Thousands of missionaries have gone through our training and many of them to cross cultural fields. With their help, New Tribes Mission has been refining their training since its establishment in 1955. Whether you continue with New Tribes Mission, another organization, or go on to involve yourself in your local church, we trust that you will not regret your decision to join us!


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