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I must say that moving up here to Wisconsin has been one of the biggest steps of faith God has asked me to make. I’ve wanted to come to New Tribes Bible Institute since I was five, but that doesn’t mean that I was prepared for everything that came with it.

It’s been pretty hard to move away from a wonderful family and close friends. I love everyone at home so much and it will be different living clear across the country from them. It’s a new step to rely on God to take care of me this far from home, but I know He is faithful and He alone is enough.

Orientation started last Sunday and lasted till Tuesday. There were so many things to get use to and it was nice to listen to the speaker, sing songs and get acquainted with dorm life. When classes started on Wednesday morning things stared getting a little busy. My first classes are Biblical Foundations, Bibliology, Evangelism in a Post-Modern World and Job.

My favorite class is Job. I’ve read through it before on my own, but I never really understood the intensity of it before. Job was a good man. He had a relationship with God and God was allowing Him to go through a trial. I never really got that much out of it, but my teacher Dave Hodgdon has already taught me so much!

Job did have a reverence for God like no other. His only response to the devastation of everything he has was to fall to the ground in worship to God. Would that be our response if everything was ripped away from us? Even though Job loved and obeyed God’s commands he still was sinful and had a lot to learn. God used this time of suffering in his life to teach him more about Himself.

I love being here at Bible School and I am so excited to learn everything that God has to teach me.

Katrina Abbott
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