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It’s Part of the Journey.

Seeking to know the Lord is the greatest journey you will ever take in life, and attending Bible School can be a huge part of that venture. The preceding time of your summer months can play a big role in setting you up for this next step. So how do you prepare? What kinds of things should you be doing to get ready during those expectant summer days? Here are a few things to consider:

Ask God to Prepare Your Heart to Know Him More.

Diving into God’s Word is going to be an amazing thing. The Lord has so much He wants to teach and show you. Come before him with a humble,teachable heart that is ready to be molded by Him to set yourself up to receive the goodness of Who He is. Ask him to prepare you in ways that you cannot even see. You don’t know all they ways you need to grow, but He does. Let Him be the gracious teacher; ask Him to prepare you to be a humble learner.

Be Intentional In Your Relationships.

Be wise about the relationships you are investing in as you prepare for Bible School. It’s a good idea to have a network of solid believers who are committed to praying with and for you during this time. Wherever you find yourself in life, you will always need the discipleship and support of the Body. Seek out established believers to disciple you as you move toward studying God’s Word, and see if they would be willing to pray for you while you are a student. This is a great way to include your loved ones in this next step of your life. People from your home church or family will most likely be delighted to know you want their investment and input during this time.

Set Up a Budget. 

During your time at college, you will have expected expenses, like books, tuition, room and board, and school trips. But there will also be a lot of social events and outings, fun opportunities, things to see and experience, and a myriad of activities to be involved in. With all this excitement there can be a big temptation to spend money to the point of being wasteful and unwise. It’s great to go out and have a fun time with friends, but setting up a budget can help provide some boundaries so you will be less likely to be out of control and foolish in the way that you spend your money.

Think About How You Want To Manage Your Time.

As you are packing your bags and anticipating the experience to come, consider what your priorities are. What is your motivation for going to Bible School?  Just as there are plenty of ways to spend money, there are also many ways to spend your time. You won’t know exactly what your schedule and daily routine will look like until you get to school and settle in. But you can still mentally note things you want to accomplish and be sure to put into your schedule. Have a pre-determined mindset about how you want to manage your time so that you can more easily prioritize when it seems there are endless things to do and be involved in.

Enjoy Your Summer

You are about to enter into an extremely rewarding, but pretty intense season of life, so enjoy your summer months! Take this time to relax and rest as you prepare for what’s next. Come to Bible School fresh, renewed, and ready to learn and engage by allowing yourself to just have time to rest beforehand. Free yourself up to enjoy your hobbies and relationships. Whether it’s outdoor activities, spending time with family and friends, pleasure reading, cooking, watching movies, playing sports, or whatever it is you like to do, take at least some time to savor your summer days.Enjoy the gifts God has given, all the while anticipating the good that is to come!

Ready to Get Ready?

None of us can be 100% prepared for what is next when a change occurs in our lives. Transition is always an uncertain time to some extent. Taking the next step in your journey with the Lord can be exciting, intimidating, tiring, exhilarating, and nerve-wracking all at the same time, and that is okay! But be prepared in the things you do have control over. Talk to the Lord about learning over the future months, don’t be afraid to ask believers around you to be involved, consider how you want to spend your money and time, and enjoy and engage in life where you are at today.


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