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The amount of things to juggle at Bible school can be rather overwhelming. Between classes, homework, friendships, work, ministry, and a heavy social events calendar, life can get pretty hectic. While opportunities abound, stress and exhaustion can too. So what are some ways to balance all these different areas? Here are a few tips to consider:

1. Prioritize.

Keep in mind the point of being at Bible College – it shouldn’t be to just gain a few friends and have fun at social outings.

While those things are good and have their place, remember that God has you here to know Him and His Word.

Reminding yourself of this often will help you to keep the right goal in view, which in turn may deter you from pursuing too many things at once or from overloading your schedule.

2. Sleep.

Ok, this one might seem obvious, but late night runs for Chinese food and candy, dorm parties, romantic moonlit walks, and a dozen other possibilities that are overwhelmingly tempting will get you every time. Yes, you only live once, and living in the moment does feel great, but when you are sitting in class falling asleep or you can’t remember what assignments are due when because your head is so fuzzy, it all catches up to you.

Don’t worry, you will have plenty of fun times, but when its time to rest, REST.

It will make life so much easier in the long run.

3. Be Present.

In class? Be engaged and ready to learn. Time to do homework? Don’t waste time, do homework! Time for that phone call from home? Be ready to talk and listen. Hanging out with friends? Enjoy it! Jim Elliot once said, “Wherever you are, be all there.”

Instead of letting your mind wander to all the things you have to do or wish you could be doing, be present in whatever situation you find yourself.

Taking care to be a part of the task or activity at hand will help you to get the most out of your time at Bible college.

4. Keep a Schedule.

Planning ahead and choosing to be organized about events and your to-do list is one of the most prudent things to do at school.

Finding weekly or even daily time to plan out your immediate schedule doesn’t take much time at all, and will help you to know what is next – hopefully preventing you from wasting precious time.

It’s worth carving out those small, quiet, few moments to think about what your next hours should look like, I promise!

5. Evaluate.

Taking time every so often to evaluate how you are spending your time will be a valuable decision as you navigate through life at Bible college. Ask yourself questions like: Am I getting my homework done in a timely fashion? Am I feeling frazzled and behind rather than collected and sure about what I need to be doing on a daily basis? How much time am I spending in my room rather than interacting with people? Would God, the One who loves me and wants me here, be pleased with how I am spending my time?

Looking at the big picture of how things are going rather than stressing out over one bad day, or swinging to the other end of the pendulum and just assuming everything is going fine without any gauge, will help you identify problems or areas where you need to spend your time more wisely.

6. Maintain a Close Friendship with God.

God is the one who gave us His Word to study in the first place. It is He who desires us to know it intimately – not just academically.

Taking time, even in the midst of Bible studies, to seek Him and dwell on what you are learning at a heart level will be a big part of your spiritual growth at Bible college.


At the end of the day, try to remember that no one is perfect at balancing everything in their lives. Balancing an intense schedule is a life-skill that does not come easily immediately, and college life is known for being particularly hectic. Prioritizing, making sure to get proper sleep, being intentionally present, keeping a schedule, and evaluating how things are going are just a few tips to remember as you learn the art of juggling a busy life. Ultimately, you will have to trust the Lord with your schedule, just as you will have to trust Him with everything in your life.