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I was so excited to be back in classes again this spring semester! I took a semester off for financial reasons. I was so glad to be back in Wisconsin and studying the Bible again. God did a lot of work in me while I was home though.

I wasn’t planning on coming back to New Tribes after not being able to afford it. I started to take a music class and was thinking about pursuing music as a career. Unfortunately, my walk with God started to suffer at home.

About half way through last fall semester I found a bump on my body. My family has lots of fibroids, so I wasn’t too worried that it would be cancer. I went to the doctor anyways, and they told me that there was a possibility that it might be cancer, because of its size. This was very scary and very eye opening. I knew that I hadn’t been living the way that I should have and I didn’t want to die of cancer knowing that I could have done so much more in this world.

So, I promised God that if He allowed me to live that I would go back to New Tribes and I would seek His will for my life instead of my own. Many nasty needles later, I left the hospital with no cancer! A couple months later and I arrived at NTBI!

God has been so gracious to me and He has been showing me His faithfulness. Being back in the New Tribes dorms has been such a blessing! It’s been so great to see many of my old friends again and to meet lots of new people too!

Most importantly, my relationship with God has grown tremendously! I have been able to see God do so many encouraging and mind blowing things in the short time that I have been back. I have also been learning so much about God’s heart for the nations! I keep praying and praying that God will break my heart for the nations! Wherever He wants me to be is where I will go!