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So, you’re in Bible College, or at least, thinking about being there. Between classes, homework, and small groups, you will be studying the Bible and theology for hours a day. You are going to be trying to absorb enormous amounts of information about God and Scripture. You will be learning constantly.

Do you really need designated “quiet time” with the Lord on top of all this time in the Word?

Is Studying Enough?

Is studying and learning more about God and His Word enough to sustain and deepen your friendship with Him?

It is certainly part of it. The Word is the primary way by which God has revealed Himself to us, and digging into it is absolutely crucial to knowing Him. But is there more to it than that?

If you stayed at a friend’s house for a week, doing everything they do in their normal life with them, observing their habits, writing down and analyzing things they said, learning their body language and signals, but in that entire week you never responded, shared yourself, or even talked to them, that would pretty weird right? You might gain a lot of knowledge about them, but how much would the friendship between the two of you grow?

Friendship is a two-way street. It requires the mutual communication and care of two parties, and the sharing of oneself with another, just as they share themselves with you.

The same is true in your relationship with the Lord. He has shared Himself and His will with you through His Word.
You learn a lot about Him and His character through your studies, but it is also vital to set aside time to communicate with Him.

Understand that prayer is an integral part of our relationship with God.

Tell Him what you are learning.

Ask Him for what you need.

Explain to Him how you are feeling.

Thank Him for the things you are understand that are shaping your view of Him.

Share yourself with Him; He longs for you.

Academic Vs. Relational

Taking time to meditate and commune with the Lord will help you to avoid a major pitfall in Bible college: taking a purely academic view of the Lord.

As you deal with assignments, due dates, and classes, it is very easy for the Lord to simply become a subject. Remember Who it is that you are studying- your Savior, Creator, King – God Almighty Himself!

He is a God who desires deep and continual communion with you.

Allow yourself to be in awe of Him as you study the Scriptures; express your wonder to Him as you pray and debrief with Him. Make it a goal to be aware of Who He is, even in the midst of the difficult paper you are writing or the lofty article you are reading.

Remember that yes, the Lord does want you to be knowledgeable and learned in Who He is and what He has said, but along with that, He desires your heart to be engaged with Him.

Time with Him is Necessary

Begin considering how to manage your quiet time while at Bible College. It will look different for everyone, and you will need to set realistic goals for yourself as an individual. But the necessity of quiet time with the Lord is a reality, even at Bible College, and you will find the reward of Him more than worth it if you cultivate this habit.