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Tim Sanford is one of our highly respected professors  here at the New Tribes Bible Institute Michigan campus. He served at New Tribes Mission’s missionary training center in Missouri, the missionary training center in Ontario, Canada,  New Tribes Mission Aviation in Arizona, and is now here in Michigan faithfully teaching our students the Word. Tim is known for his dynamic and passionate teaching style, and always focuses on the joy, freedom, rest, and abundance found in a life lived with Jesus Christ. He articulates how the meaningful ideas of God’s Word collide with the practical realities of everyday life in classes like Philippians, Angelology, Pneumatology, Theology, Job, and Prayer.


Where are you from originally? Jersey Shore, PA

When did you join the Jackson/Waukesha team? 2012

What is your favorite thing about serving at NTBI? Seeing the life of Christ being formed in students.

What is something the student body might not know about you? I’m a pilot and I’m a football coach.

At what point in your life were you convinced to become involved with missions? I was actually convinced of it when I was seven years old. I grew up in New Tribes Mission, and the aviation department started at Jersey shore. I remember having the thought, “I think God wants me to be a missionary pilot”. And that belief was always in the back of mind; it drove me for years. It kept me on course even when there was temptation to do other things. Funny thing is, I never ended up doing that within the mission, but God used it to direct me to where I am now.

What’s your favorite place to eat in Jackson/Waukesha? Red Lobster

What pastimes do you enjoy? Sports/Reading/Bicyling/Riding motorcycles

Do you have a “hero of the faith” that you admire, and if so, what about them is inspiring? Jerry Terpstra – he is an adopted grandpa to my kids. We went to their church in Grand Rapids and developed a relationship with he and his wife.  They’ve become family to us. Jerry  is in his 90s, and he has run the race well. If I could have half of what his energy is in that, I would be satisfied.

Who is your favorite author or musician? Musician – Celine Dion

Where is your favorite place to spend time? Either the mountains of Arizona or Gettysburg


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