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Andrew Williams is one of the fairly new staff members to join the team of Ethnos360 Bible Institute at Jackson. He and his wife Sarah, along with their three kids, have been here just a little over a year. Andrew, like many other staff members, has a double role here at Ethnos360 Bible Institute. He mainly serves as the single men’s dean, but he has also spent some time in the classroom teaching the books of James and Jude.

Where are you from originally? Northern Idaho

When did you join the Jackson team? I was an intern here a few years ago, but came on as staff the summer of 2016.

What is your favorite thing about serving at EBI? I enjoy the chance to be a part and an observer of what God is doing in the lives of students as they learn His Word and what it means for their lives.

What is something the student body might not know about you? When I was 16, I jumped off a cliff and landed wrong. As a result, I broke my back. It was pretty painful, and I ended up having to wear a back brace for three months.

At what point in your life were you convinced to become involved with missions? I was convinced when I was here at Bible school as a student studying God’s Word; I saw that He wants to use us for purposes that are eternal and not just the here and now.

What’s your favorite place to eat in Jackson? Chilango’s Burrito Bar

What pastimes do you enjoy? Reading, playing the guitar, watching movies, and hiking

Do you have a “hero of the faith” that you admire, and if so, what about them is inspiring? Ruth, because she was willing to be like a “nobody” for the sake of another person.

Who is your favorite author or musician? Author: Dennis McCallum

Where is your favorite place to spend time? My house with my family


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