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Don and Chrissy Chubb, along with their two daughters, are currently working with a tribal Indian group in Mexico. These alumni of Ethnos360 Bible Institute are using the biblical principles they learned during Bible school to go out and fulfill the Great Commission. Here’s a brief glimpse of their world and journey with the Lord.

What are you currently doing in your ministry? What are you main responsibilities, or what does a normal day in your life look like?

Right now we’re in transition from our time studying the national language (Spanish) and culture to moving into a tribal location. So our days are filled with language study for Chrissy, and Don’s been helping out in a lot of ways with the field in the area of IT support and some maintenance projects. Our main responsibilities right now are planning for our upcoming move into the tribe, and for Chrissy, completing her Spanish studies. Our average day varies quite a bit. They are often filled with anything from language sessions, study time at our desks, teaching kids club, attending Church events, having a game night with friends, or even going to Walmart, Costco, or seeing a movie at the fancy movie theater.

What are you goals for the future in your area of ministry?

In the last few months we have officially joined a tribal team! We are very excited about our new team and the location where we will be serving. We will be working with the Guarijío Indians, but one of the unique things about the work we will be doing is that our partners are native from two different tribes in Mexico, one of which is the Guarijío. The Guarijío have had missionaries working with them for many years, Vicente (our new co-worker) was lead to the Lord by the missionaries that recently had to leave the work with the Guarijío here in Mexico. Vicente worked closely with the missionaries helping while they learned the language, with lesson development and even translation. It wasn’t long before he became burdened for his own people and decided to go through the training in Spanish here in Mexico in order to go back and teach his own people. In the training he met and married his wonderful wife Erendira, who has a similar story, except from a different people group. They are an awesome couple and we are excited to work with them to help disciple the small church that already exists in the Guarijío and reach out to the rest of their language group. Typically the tribal works in Mexico take a very long time to complete, but we will have a huge advantage having Vicente on our team, since he knows the language and worldview of his own people better than we could hope to learn it. We also have the privilege of carrying on a work that many laborers have put their lives into. It’s exciting to be stepping in at this time when we will get to be a part of seeing the Guarijío Church on to maturity.

In what ways did Ethnos360 Bible Institute equip you for your current ministry?

We both look back at our time at Ethnos360 Bible Institute as something we wouldn’t trade for the world. It was an AMAZING time of spiritual growth and growing in our understanding of God’s word. The simple answer is that it would be impossible to disciple a church into maturity without knowing what the Bible says for ourselves. You can’t teach what you don’t know.


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