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Abigail Matlack is a sophomore at New Tribes Bible Institute. She is finding life here at our Michigan campus to be growing, stretching, and rewarding as she digs deep into God’s Word on a daily basis. Here is a quick snapshot of her daily life within this community of believers:

Suddenly I am awakened by my roommate’s alarm clock. My day starts off understanding the true nature of the word “alarm. In a fright, I sit straight up, trying to comprehend my surroundings. It’s 6 o’clock here at NTBI. I sit in my top bunk,  debating whether I want to get out of bed and go to breakfast at 7:00, or sleep in an extra hour and a half and stuff a Pop-tart in my mouth on the way to class. I, of course, choose the latter. If I chose breakfast, I would be greeted by faces as cheery as morning faces could be, but I shove my head back under my blankets and wait till 7:30. After a second abrupt awakening, I grab my coffee and Pop-tart, and head to class.

Classes can be hard and challenging. But they are also the most rewarding thing I have been through. The topics in class aren’t like algebra or chemistry, where you can leave class and show up the next day without wrestling with the fact that 2X2=4.

They’re classes that make your heart work. They draw you deeper into understanding who our Creator is and what a relationship with Him really looks like.

Sometimes I walk away from class heartbroken for the people who don’t have the hope we have in Christ, but a smile will always come back to my face when I realize the joy I have in getting to share that hope wherever I am.

At noon it’s lunch time. Meals are one of the many wonderful places where we get to take part in the community at New Tribes Bible Institute. That’s one of the things I love most about this place – you are never alone.

There is always someone to point you back to the Lord when things get foggy. Staff members are encouraging and students are there to help and to lean on.

The school provides lots of opportunities to serve your peers and the staff – like at dish crew. Here we replace grumbling and complaining about dishes with singing and laughter. With a hair net and apron on, we have the chance to serve the staff and our fellow students.
After class many students head to a job outside of school. Work is exciting as I get to apply what God has been teaching me.
At the end of the day, I come home to sisters God placed in my dorm – the people I do life with.

New Tribes Bible Institute is a place of community; we are all one body moving towards Christ and growing deeper in our relationships with the Lord as we learn to understand who He is together.

It’s one of the most exciting thing I have ever been a part of.


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