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Campus Visit Weekend: The Value Of A Biblical Foundation

After four long years of taking classes at the University, I received my B.A. in History. I had the opportunity to be a part of one of the best History programs in the country and I was taught by professors for whom I had the utmost respect. Needless to say, I enjoyed having the opportunity to grow in my understanding of History through a biblical worldview. Although I am grateful for the degree that I received a few years ago, the degree that I am most grateful for is my Bible school degree. Deciding to spend two years of my life thoroughly studying God`s Word was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. I truly treasure the time that my teachers spent investing in me and the time that I got to spend growing in my knowledge and understanding of God`s Word. God has chosen to communicate with us through His word and He wants us to read it with careful consideration and intentionality. The Bible is a gift and guide for life.

Campus Visit Weekend: What Makes The Bible School Unique?

Studying the Bible is far more valuable than any other degree you can earn. At Ethnos360 Bible Institute, you will have the opportunity to study the whole Bible for two years. From Genesis to Revelation, you will see God`s plan of redemption unfold, His heart for all people, and how we fit into His plan. Having a biblical foundation is vital in any stage of life. There are eternal benefits to taking God`s word seriously and desiring to know Him by carefully studying His word. At EBI, you`ll get to study God`s Word alongside others who love the Lord.

The community at EBI is unlike any other community you will find in a typical college setting. All the students go through the same classes, which gives you time to get to know your classmates well. Since students have the opportunity to study God`s word together, this cultivates deeper long-lasting friendships.

Campus Visit Weekend: What To Expect!

When you sign up for a Campus weekend Visit, you will get to experience a glimpse of what it`s like to be a student at EBI. You`ll have a current EBI student who will be your host and you can go to that person with any questions you may have. They`ll be happy to show you where you need to go! You can expect to sit in on Bible classes of your choice and you`ll be able to interact with students and teachers. You`ll have the opportunity to check out the gym where intramural sports teams play in tournaments throughout the year. Other events usually take place over the weekends, such as open mic nights and game nights. These are also fun ways to connect with people and get to know them.

Campus Visit Weekend Testimonies:

“I liked the Christian atmosphere of the campus. Everyone was friendly. I liked the Old Testament History because it dove deep into books that are often overlooked. I came for the visit and would definitely recommend it!”


“I liked the setup of everything, it was nice to have a floor for the girls and I liked the classroom setup too. The classes were interesting and I appreciated the discussion and interaction with the teachers. I came in December and would recommend it.”


“So I was so thankful for the chance to go visit the school and meet the staff. I loved that the school is just focused on teaching the Bible and not on other classes. I loved the layout of the building and the location in the city because it gives a chance for students to find jobs. For as far as I`m concerned the food was amazing and I would highly recommend it to others.”


“I had already enrolled to Ethnos360 Bible institute so in December I went to visit the campus to get a feel of the layout and get a few questions answered. I really enjoyed sitting in on the classes especially the evangelism class. I am really glad I went so I know what to expect when I go next fall.”


Campus Visit Weekend: Sign Up Today!

At Ethnos 360 Bible Institute, we desire to be a part of God`s plan to bring the Gospel to all people. The first step in training with Ethnos360 is two years of chronological Bible teaching. At EBI, we value having a firm foundation in understanding the Bible and building solid relationships with those around us. You won`t regret coming to EBI for a Campus Visit weekend! Sign up today!