Our Community

Build Friendships that Will Last a Lifetime

Experience a close, tight-knit Christian community.


Two Campuses, One Education

Our Michigan campus and our Wisconsin campus are just a few hours apart, so you are part of one Ethnos360 Bible Institute community. You will get together with students from both campuses throughout the year at various events.


A Vibrant Spiritual Life

Your personal spiritual development is our purpose, beyond the knowledge you gain from a Bible education. We want to provide a safe atmosphere of grace and respect, where the Holy Spirit works in your life. We will encourage you to develop mentoring relationships that will help you take what you learn in the classroom and apply it to your daily life.

Connect with people who share your passion for God’s Word and support you in your journey, every step of the way.

With an average of 150 students on each campus, you are part of a close community filled with friends, sports and fun. Keep your social calendar booked with coffee socials, talent nights and other opportunities for fun and fellowship outside the classroom.

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