Married Students

Married couples are integral to campus life at Ethnos360 Bible Institute (founded in 1955 as New Tribes Bible Institute)

At Ethnos360 Bible Institute, one in five students is married -- that’s three times the number you’ll find on the average college campus. Married students live in apartments in the main building or in homes or apartments in the nearby community. Many of our married students have children, so we provide affordable on-campus childcare. This all works together to create an atmosphere where married students and children are a welcome part of Ethnos360 Bible Institute's culture.


Nursery and childcare are provided so that mothers can participate in class. The childcare facility and nursery are in the main building. There is also an enclosed playground area on campus. A city park with a playground is within walking distance. Several educational options are available through public and Christian schools. Telephone and fax numbers for the schools are available upon request.

For more information on the academic requirements for Married Ladies with children, please contact the admissions office.