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Revitalize Campaign

Make An Impact

Join our campaign to preserve history, sustain training, and persist in reaching the world for Christ.

Make An Impact

The Problem

Urgent Infrastructure Needs


Our WWII-era elevators break down frequently, leaving injured/disabled students, staff, or guests vulnerable, and forcing kitchen staff to haul multi-ton food deliveries up flights of stairs. We need two new elevators which will cost nearly $1 million. 


Decades of wear and tear have placed significant strain on our 460 windows. Over a quarter of them have stopped functioning completely. Circumstances demand imminent replacement of all windows building-wide at a cost of approximately $1 million. 

Other Needs

Bringing our fire systems up to code, addressing needs in married student housing, and facilitating our online program are a few of our most urgent needs. We estimate approximately $3 million will be needed to complete the revitalization effort. 

How Can You Help?

Come alongside in the journey. Everyone can contribute something. 


Pray for laborers who will be Christ’s witness, and that these needs are met as we strive to continue this work. 


Advocate for EBI through social media, your church, or personal connections. Share the link to this page or the campaign brochure.


Give a one-time gift or sign up to contribute a recurring monthly gift. Invite your church or workplace to contribute as well. 

Give Now

Join the Council

We are gathering volunteers with a wide range of gifts to collaborate and help us move this campaign forward. 

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