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Course Description:

This course is a discussion of Biblical creationism as described in Genesis chapters 
one through three versus the world view of Darwinian evolution which denies God’s 
intervention and depends instead upon accidental and blind natural processes to 
account for the origin of life. We will consider in detail why the latter is impossible 
and why God’s intervention and design is the only reasonable source of life and of 
mankind. In doing this we will discuss many aspects of biology and related subjects 
which clearly depend upon information which only God can provide.

Course Goals:

Upon completion of this course the student should be able to:

  1. Understand the sequences of the creation events that God brought about by his 
  2. Understand the necessity of God’s design in providing the information in every 
    living cell.
  3. Be able to explain why Bible students should never give ascent to the 
    accusations of the world that Christians are anti-science.
  4. Be confident of the veracity of every word of the Bible as being consistent with 
    every aspect of the universe, the world, and life.
  5. Recognize that without God there could be no life but since there is life we can 
    know that the God of the Bible is the only explanation.

Credits: 1
Class Cost: $160
This class can also be audited for $40 per credit hour.

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