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Code of Conduct

Students at Ethnos360 Bible Institute are expected to live in agreement with the stated code of conduct. If you have any questions about the code of conduct, please reach out to the Admissions Director, Mike Day.



Mike Day


Value Statement

Life, Relationships, and Conduct as a Student

God declares Himself to be a God who: loves unselfishly, extends kindness to those who don’t deserve it, and always conducts Himself with perfect holiness, truthfulness, and integrity. We as His children, have been granted the amazing opportunity of joining Him as He reaches out to the world. He calls us to be a mirror- image of who He is, as He produces His life in each of us! The heart at EBI is to see each member of the community built up in the faith, and continually growing in opportunities and effectiveness. Staff and student lives should demonstrate mutual respect in a diverse community. The principles of integrity, sensitivity, modesty, and mutual respect should inform our actions and relationships.

Our choices impact those around us, from the clothes we wear, the things we eat or drink, our friendships, to the things we enjoy doing, these should all be evaluated under the light of God’s character. Each member of the community should seek to avoid entertainment that may be compromise in the areas of violence, sex, and inappropriate content. Our relationships, male and female, should be marked by biblical discernment and purity. Our actions, public and private, should be within the framework of the laws of our nation as well as above criticism in the community. The policies of EBI are intended to contribute to the clarity and benefit of the community at large. As life-long learners EBI is committed to foster, and welcomes, ongoing conversations on these topics that impact all of us. By virtue of enrollment the student agrees to live in harmony with the values of EBI and the standard of conduct.


Conduct Policy

Standard of Conduct

As a minimum requirement, the student is obligated:

  • To utilize their time well by careful study, participation in spiritual activities and Christian ministry responsibilities, and faithful attendance at church and school chapel services.
  • To faithfully live in conformity to the Value Statement.
  • To abstain from involvement in sexual immorality, the consumption of alcoholic beverages, vaping or smoking any substances that contains nicotine, tobacco, and marijuana including THC and CBD.
  • To avoid any form of dishonesty, including lying, stealing, and cheating on examinations, assignments and attendance.
  • To recognize their responsibility in maintaining their holistic health while attending EBI