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Course Offerings – Spring 2020


This course is a survey of major themes in the Old Testament Prophets. The Prophets are considered in light of their context in Israel’s history. This course concentrates on the concepts of God’s punishment, promised restoration, and how the coming of Messiah relates to these concepts.

January 6th – March 16th
Register by January 2nd
3 credit course, $225


Learn to study the Bible in-depth for yourself. This course provides a hands-on approach to interpreting God’s Word that emphasizes the history, culture and literary context of a given passage. By learning what the passage meant to its original audience, you will be able draw the timeless principles that are relevant today. 

January 13th – April 27th
Register by January 6th
3 credit course, $225

Understanding Suffering

Why do we suffer? Is there any purpose to our suffering? This course is a study of the biblical teaching on the reality, extent, origin, causes, and purposes of suffering in the world and its impact on our personal value systems. 

February 10th – March 16th
Register by February 3rd
1 credit course, $75

The Book of Acts

Study through the whole books of Acts. This course traces the victorious spread of the Gospel from Jerusalem, Judea/Samaria, to the ends of the earth. The book of Acts establishes the theological-historical framework for the church and its mission.

March 2nd – May 25th
Register by April 26th
2 credit course, $150

The Gospels

Who was Jesus, and how do the four gospels paints a full perspective of our savior? This course is an investigation of the person and work of Christ, His deity and humanity, as seen in the four Gospel accounts.

November 4th – December 16th
Register by October 27th
3 credit course, $225

Frequently Asked Questions

What does each class cost?
We are excited to offer our online credits at a discounted rate of $75 per credit hour. Our standard on-campus cost per credit hour at Ethnos360 Bible Institute is $160, and the national average cost per credit hour is $594.
Can I receive a refund?
Payment is refundable until the course begins. After that time, it is non-refundable.
When do I take each class?
Each course is broken down into five units with each unit being one week in length. Students can complete work at any time during a unit. All work for each unit must be completed by the end of that unit. All units begin on a Monday and run through the following Monday when the new unit begins.
What should I expect from each class?
A course is broken down into five units with each unit being one week in length. Each unit contains several videos (approximately 3 hours per unit/week). Students will log on to the Learning Management System (Populi) where they will watch videos, make posts, interact with other students as well as the instructor, etc. All assignments are hosted on Populi. All assignments are submitted through Populi as well. Populi is user friendly with a low learning curve.
How will the class discussions take place? Will I be interacting with the instructor?

At various times in the course, students will respond to a question posed by the instructor based on the content learned during that particular unit. Students will be required to read a select number of posts from their peers and respond to their work. Guidelines are given for quality interactions. The instructor will read and interact with students through these posts. Also, the instructor will designate time slots in which he is available to students via chat.
What will the homework be like?
Students can anticipate approximately 5 hours of work per week for the duration of the course (five weeks). This includes video viewing and homework assignments. Homework assignments may include reading articles posted by the instructor, writing a paper or an essay, and making posts on Populi in response to questions posed by the instructor.

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