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This course is an investigation of the person and work of Christ, His deity and humanity, as seen in the four Gospel accounts. The Gospels are studied from a chronological perspective of Christ’s life, harmonizing the four accounts together. This course emphasizes the miracles, teachings, and passion of Christ and relevant application for us today.

Meet your Teacher

Chris Darland has been a teacher at Ethnos360 Bible Institute for 21 years, where he also serves as the Academic Dean. He is currently pursuing a Master’s degree through Southern California Seminary. Chris and his wife Denise have been married for 22 years and have 3 kids. 

Learning Objective Statements

Upon completion of this course the student will;

  1. Be able to interact with the major interpretive factors that relate to the Gospels. 
  2. Articulate the basic historical-cultural context in which the ministry of Christ occurred. 
  3. Trace the development of Christ’s ministry and the factors that contributed towards His rejection and crucifixion.
  4. Recognize the primary message of each of the four Gospels and the unique contributions they make towards our overall understanding of Christ and His mission.

Credits: 3
Cost: $510
This class can also be audited for $40 per credit hour.

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