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Course Instructor

Your teacher, Scot Keen, has served at Ethnos360 Bible Institute since 2003. Scot is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary where he earned his Master of Arts in Biblical Studies and Doctor of Ministry. He and his wife April have been married for seventeen years and have three children.

Course Description and Goals

This course is a verse-by-verse investigation of the universal depravity and condemnation of humanity and his desperate need of salvation. The course explores God’s provision for mankind’s salvation as seen in justification, sanctification and glorification. Great attention is given to God’s provision to live the Christian life, laying a foundation for continual growth in grace and healthy interaction within the body of Christ. This course traces Paul’s vindication of God’s dealings with Israel in the scope of redemptive history, and challenges the student for practical application of doctrine.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course…

  • The student will reproduce the flow of Paul’s arguments through the book of Romans.
  • The student will identify with man’s universal condemnation and inability to save themselves.
  • The student will value the universal provision for all men to be saved through personal faith.
  • The student will understand the basis of justification in the redemption and propitiation of Christ’s death.
  • The student will appreciate the new life to be lived as a result of the resurrection of Christ, their union with Him, and consequent freedom and divine enablement.
  • The student will recognize the faithfulness of God to Israel and the Gentiles in God’s plan throughout time.
  • The student will embrace the necessity of being a living sacrifice as manifested in:
    • Serving the body with their gifts.
    • Submitting to government authorities.
    • Submitting to one another in love.
    • Personal involvement in the Church’s responsibility for world evangelization.

Credits: 3 credits
This class can also be audited for $40 per credit hour.

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