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Study the praise of our God.

Course Instructor: Your teacher, Scot Keen, has served at Ethnos360 Bible Institute since 2003. Scot is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary where he earned his Master of Arts in Biblical Studies and Doctor of Ministry. He and his wife April have been married for seventeen years and have three children.

Course Description and Goals: This course provides an introduction to the study of the Psalms by exploring factors in interpretation (Hebrew poetry, types of parallelism, Biblical imagery), identifying the major features of each type of Psalm (e.g. wisdom, imprecatory, Royal, etc.), and providing an exposition of at least one Psalm from each type of Psalm.  

­­­Upon completion of this course,

  1. The student will understand the purpose and value of the book of Psalms.
  2. The student will be able to differentiate types of Psalms and recognize the features that make them unique.
  3. The student will be able to explain the nature of Hebrew poetry and the ways in which it is developed.
  4. The student will gain an appreciation for the hope that sustained the Old Testament believer as they awaited Messiah’s Kingdom.
  5. The student will identify with Old Testament saints (the struggles of their faith and their trust in God).
  6. The student will identify the connection between the nature and character of God and the prayers of Old Testament saints. 

Course Credits: 3
Course Cost: $480

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