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Communication is the foundation for all human relationships. This course specifically deals with correct grammar and punctuation, which will then show up in clear written communication and carry over into oral communication.

Course Learner Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Describe why excellence in written communication and speech is important.
  • Develop good topic and supporting sentences, effectively producing well-rounded paragraphs leading to clear and concise papers/articles/letters.
  • Develop a good thesis statement for longer written works.
  • Understand the key components of a sentence and use these effectively in written exercises.
  • Articulate ideas clearly to form a written argument, explanation or description. These thoughts will be presented using complete sentences and well-developed paragraphs that build on each other.
  • Submit quality written work for their Bible classes.

Credits: 2
Cost: $340
This class can also be audited for $40 per credit hour.

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