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Course Description

This course is a survey of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy with emphasis on the biblical theology of these books, their genre, and application. A foundation is laid for the students understanding of the rest of scripture.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, the student will be able to… 

  • Trace God’s activity from creation to the establishment of Israel as a nation in a unique relationship to God under the Mosaic Covenant. 
  • Explain the origins of the universe, mankind, sin and the nation of Israel. 
  • Recognize God’s faithfulness and His work through history to restore His blessing, which man lost because of sin. 
  • To identify the relationship of the various covenants in the Pentateuch (Noahic, Abrahamic, Mosaic and Palestinian) to God’s interaction with Israel as a nation and humanity as a whole.
  • Grasp the significance of the Exodus as it displays the supremacy of God over the nations through the redemption of Israel. 
  • Understand the purpose and structure of the Law (civil, moral, and sacrificial). 
  • Understand the nature and purposes of the sacrificial system. 
  • Comprehend the ramifications of sin and unbelief in God’s word. 
  • Understand the significance of the Palestinian covenant and what was required of Israel as a nation to experience God’s blessing and live in the land.

Credits: 3
Cost: $510
This class can also be audited for $40 per credit hour.

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