Introduction to Cross-Cultural Church Planting

The Wayumi Course is a unique opportunity for students at a college level to zoom in on the task of reaching the still unreached people groups of the world. The course exposes a person to the multi-faceted effort involved in cross-cultural Church planting ministry and may help some determine God’s direction for them in regards to global missions. It will impact a person’s focus regarding God’s work on earth.

Learning Objective Statements:  Upon completion of this course, the student will an introduction into…

  1. Biblical emphasis of reaching every kindred, tongue, and tribe. • Cross-cultural Church Planting.
  2. Language and Culture acquisition.
  3. Basic principles of Animism.
  4. Basic principles of Bible translation.
  5. Worldview and methodology for teaching to worldview change.
  6. Principles of a functioning New Testament Church that is truly indigenous. 
  7. Support ministries needed in reaching unreached people groups.

Credits: 1
Class Cost: $160